Why Your Baby's Birthday Should Dictate Your Parenting Style (VIDEO)

momstrology book coverMoms often wish their kids came with an owner's manual, but the Ophira and Tali Edut, also known as the AstroTwins, argue that they do ... in a way. A baby's birthdate holds the key to understanding more about their personality. And a mother's own birthdate influences how she parents and relates to her child. That's the premise of Momstrology, the starry new book by the Twins. Their "guide to parenting by the stars" could make for the perfect Mother's Day gift by helping moms explore parenting strategies, areas of compatibility and clashing with their kiddos, and much more based on the zodiac.

The Twins sat down with us recently to chat about what inspired the book, what the stars have to say about certain celeb moms' personalities, and unique, astrological parenting tips.

Check it out ...


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How do you think you relate to your child based on your sun signs?



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