10 Mom Confessions That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

It's time for another installment of "You're not the only flawed parent out there." Could you use the reminder, too?

Below are 10 recent Scary Mommy Confessions for those of you who may be having trouble keeping up with all of the seemingly perfect parents out there. Because, really? We've all got something to confess ...


1. I feel like a teenager again. Sneaking candy and beer in my closet. I'm 32.

2. I hide when my kid throws up. I am so thankful that my husband is always around when it happens. I am probably the only mother who can't be there for her children when they throw up. It is so hard for me.

3. There are times when I will 'accidentally' blurt out the answers to my son's homework just so we can get it over with.

4. I always pretend I'm sleeping until I hear my husband walk out the door for work. That way, I don't have to make him tea or kiss him goodbye.  

5. I won't let my children lick the cake batter bowl for health reasons, but I will secretly make a whole cake mix and eat it raw, all by myself.

6. We were watching Frozen last night, and when the big scary snowman chases them out of the castle, my 2-year-old said, "What the f*ck?" My husband and I laughed for five minutes. I know it's wrong, but I love when young children cuss.

7. When the kids are really getting on my nerves, I tell them that they may not remember, but they used to have an older brother -- until he pissed me off one time too often.

8. I rush home from work so I can crawl into bed and snuggle my dog for 15 minutes before my husband gets home with the baby ... and sometimes, when they walk in, I'm disappointed they are home already.

9. I am going to sneak my 1-year-old into my husband's luggage before he leaves for his business trip. I can't handle my son alone this week.

10. Seriously considering shaving my 7-year-old daughter's moustache for her holy communion ... I'm a horrible mother. 

What's your confession?


Image via Scary Mommy

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