Generation Stress: 13-18 Year Olds



According to an Associated Press/MTV study, school is the number one source of stress for teens. Why? Oh let's see: bullying, intense academic demands, peer pressure, emotional issues, over-scheduled lives. Unfortunately for today's 13 -18 year olds, the reality is that a whopping 85% percent of them report being simply stressed out.

Watch this Today Show clip for some of the important things we can do as parents to help our Generation Stress kids cope. The "whole parenting secret," says one expert on the tape, "is knowing how your child handles stress."

Do you have any tips for reducing teen stress and helping her/him find balance?



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dstei... dsteiner23

My 17 year old just got diagnosed with an ulcer!  The cause:  stress.

Between the insane workload of IB and Honors courses, her choir gig schedule (especially during caroling season), a healthy social life, and college applications it just all proved too much for her.

Since there really isn't anything we can cut out of her schedule, I chose to take on more of the household tasks to relieve some  of her stress as well as to encourage her to vent her frustrations more instead of acting like everything is okay all the time.  I also allow her to take a "mental health" day off school once a month or so in order to have more down time and catch up on assignments.  This wouldn't work for everyone's kid, but mine is too much of a "doer" so she needs it.

dodie_s dodie_s

sounds like you are thinking well. I would add maybe thinking of someone at church or school who can mentor her. I know my 17 year old does not feel comfortable telling me all. does she plan to start college next fall or 10? maybe a college visit would be good to let her experience what college classes are going to be like. my daughter is going to community college so her case is a little different. good luck to you and your daughter.

Momof... Momof6kds

My 13 year old daughter last year was extremely upset one morning before school (7th grade), I asked her what was wrong and she could not even identify why she was upset ! I asked if someone was teasing her , arguing with a friend, got a bad grade??? She told me nope mom none of thosethings... My daughter is an honor roll student every report card ... I stepped outside the box sat back for a second and realized she was a little stressed out from school andthat she needed a break from school , a mental break ( like adults need from work)...So i told her that she could stay home, I also told her that it was ok to take a "BREAK"...guess what it worked..the very next morning she was refreshed and ready for school again and stress free......I think we as adults need to pay closer attention to our children's warning signs that they themselves don't quite understand !!!

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