Katie Holmes Has Great Idea for Suri's Birthday Cupcakes (PHOTO)

katie holmes cupcakes suriWhen my kids' birthday time rolls around, I -- like so many other moms -- stress out about it. I want it to be great and fun and memorable. And that includes the cake, or kid's favorite cupcakes. I've decorated (or had someone professionally decorate) birthday sweets with tiaras, superheroes, chocolate kisses, and jelly beans, which I discovered that my daughter hates. Who hates jelly beans?!? My kid.

I've discovered that you have to keep it simple because let's face it -- kids just want the sugary deliciousness. Katie Holmes is onto that fact and for Suri's 8th birthday, she did just that with these perfect cupcakes.

I love this idea. And your child will see it as a puzzle, spelling out the words to read the meaning. Get as creative as you want with extras like sprinkles and different colors, or keep it simple like Katie did for Suri. I have to remember to never use jelly beans.

Katie recently told Elle UK: "The number one thing is making sure my child feels loved. And good about herself. And that what she does and who she is is special and should be celebrated." She seems like such a warm-hearted mom and even captioned this photo "Best day ever!!!!!" That's something all of us moms can agree on -- the day of your child's birth is definitely one of the best days ever.

What do you think of Suri Cruise's birthday cupcakes? What kind of birthday treats have you given your kids?


Image via Kate Holmes/Twitter

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Amanda Packer Streeter

I own my own cake decorating business, so I challenge myself every year to make my kids birthday treats better than any I made for my customers lol, it makes me crazy each time, but it's so worth it! When a 3 year old sees a life sized R2D2 replica, it he look on his face is sooooooo worth all the hard work for me!!!

nonmember avatar Kate

My OCD won't let me read this article because I can't stop thinking how horribly placed those cupcakes are.

Stefani Duke

oh good grief grammar police!!!! it's a;ll ab out the fucking cupcakes!!! damn.....it is perfect, spelled right or not

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