15 Things Kids Say to Remind Us How Stinkin' Old We Are


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Kids. They sure have a way with words sometimes, don't they? On the one hand, they keep us on our toes and in a way, they also help keep us young.

But then there are those times when something so outrageous comes out of their mouths that ultimately reminds us that we're most definitely not cool anymore. As in we're washed up. Aging. OLD.

In fact, just the other day, my son discovered one of those Viewmaster slide viewers in my mom's basement -- and he's been mesmerized by the damn thing ever since. He's so obsessed that he told me he wants to "start collecting vintage items ... from the 1980s."

(Are you freakin' kidding me? I think I just found another gray hair.)

But I guess his comment was pretty tame compared to others. Check out 15 things kids have said to their parents that made them feel beyond old and then some.

  1. "Were you alive when Lincoln was president?
  2. "Was there TV in the 1970s?"
  3. "What are cassette tapes?"
  4. "Did you use typewriters back in the olden days when you were in school?"
  5. "How do you know this song? Did they have radio way back when you were little?"
  6. "You didn't have cell phones when you were little?"
  7. "Were you alive when electricity was invented?"
  8. "Did you know Harriet Tubman?"
  9. "Mommy, what are VCRs?"
  10. "Did you have blenders when you were a kid?"
  11. "Have you ever seen Star Wars? It's a really old movie."
  12. "What is this?" (Said while pointing to manual window handle in the car.)
  13. "What's a bottle opener?"
  14. "They dressed really weird. It must have been in the olden days, huh?" Said while watching The Wedding Singer
  15. "Are you turning 85 this year dad?" Said to a dad in his 30s.

What does your kid say to make you feel old?


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Tina Goff

Every time I tell my kids about something from my childhood they ask "Was that in the 1900s?"  THE NINETEEN HUNDREDS!  

Saskia Hehemann

my son also made a comment on me knowing a song (' I like to move it' ) that is now put in a Disney-movie (' Madagascar' )

He was also dead-serious when he asked I watched TV as a child or if I knew what a phone was...(seriously? Im born X-mas ' 74!)

nonmember avatar Lilinae

My kids ask me all the time if I had color TV and video games!! We had the BEST video games back when was a kid!! (1979)

colts14 colts14

#3 on the list was said to me a couple of years ago. My daughter's going to be 9 in a few weeks. She's starting to act like a tween, but hasn't said anything really snotty that's making me give her that "Watch it!" look yet. I'll be 35 in August.

nonmember avatar guest

My 5 year old son asked me if dinosaurs still existed in 1996

Kazoo22 Kazoo22

Kids don't know what bottle openers are? Come on now. There are still tons of bottles that require openers. If a child has never seen one they are pretty sheltered. 

nonnyof3 nonnyof3

My daughter asked me one thanksgiving what it was like to have dinner with the Indians when I was a little girl. I was 23 at the time lol

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