School Gives Students Insulting 'Rules for Handling Bullies' ​(PHOTO)

bullyingWe've come a long way in the United States in our collective effort to shut down bullying once and for all. There have been countless celeb-packed campaigns, such as "It Gets Better," and some schools have instituted a zero tolerance for bullying rule. But one school in Nebraska clearly didn't get the memo. Zeman Elementary School fifth-graders were recently sent home with what the school deemed a "Rules for Handling Bullies" flyer, and all I can say is: Prepare to be enraged.

This pamphlet literally paints the bullies as the victims and advises the real victims not to tell on them. You need to see this to believe this:

bully flyer

I'm not sure what's more outrageous: Rule #4: Do not verbally defend yourself; rule #9: Learn to laugh at yourself and not get "hooked" by put downs; or rule #7: Do not tell on bullies (?!?!). Clearly, this flyer was written by bullies!

My child isn't quite yet of school-age, but I tried to put myself in the position of the parents whose kids brought home this garbage (who are rightfully aghast). Unfortunately, there isn't a rule book for how to handle terribly-written, poorly-advisable flyers on how to deal with bullies. But it does bring up an interesting point: We, as parents, need to make a point of telling our children that if something feels "wrong" to them, it probably is, and they should bring it up. And we shouldn't just wait until something as asinine as this happens.

Our children, first and foremost, need to know that we're on their side, and just because a person of authority told them to do something -- a teacher, a police officer -- doesn't mean it's right. Of course, we don't want to raise kids who are subversive just for the sake of being so, but we want kids who aren't afraid to ask questions, speak up, and most importantly, come to us when they think something isn't right.

I'm assuming that the parents of the children who received this flyer informed their kids of the proper way to handle bullies: Do tell on them; don't be afraid to stick up for yourself or speak your mind; and don't stifle your emotions (i.e., it's okay to feel and act mad when you are). And if you're unsure about what to say, basically, whatever this flyer told kids to do, tell them to do the opposite. And then give them (and yourself) a pat on the back for recognizing that this advice was wrong.

What would you tell your kids if they brought home this flyer?


Images via EddyS/Flickr/Lincoln Public Schools



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Rando... Randomlady

Outrageous how stupid this is! Then again, I think the whole anti-bullying campaign is stupid because it is something that has and always will exist regardless of what we do. I'm not saying it's a good thing, just that it's natural and we need to teach kids how to cope with it instead of trying to get it to not exist.

Snapp... SnappleQueen

I would tell my kids they are going to a new school because I'd yank them out of that hell hole.

nicki... nicki.hemingway

How about we teach kids to *gasp* not bully.

Sarah... SarahHall58

Everyone always says we have to "stop the bullying". Yet no one wants to do anything about it. They want to hide it and pretend it doesn't exist. Then they wonder why bad things happen when the bullying gets intense. People need to step up and accept responsibility when they're told their child is a bully instead of saying "not my child!!"

nonmember avatar Faye

As a parent who's son received this yes I was upset but the school felt appropriately with is as soon as it was brought to the principals attention. The real problem is this was taken from a program called bullies to buddies. It is a website a book (that got 5 star rating from counselors on amazon) and has a pilot study article on psychology today which tested this on 11 schools in the greater Cleveland ohio area. There are a lot of kids out there who have received this info in school and nothing has been done about it.

Denise Connolly

Well the teachers should start  bulling the  ass that put those ruls together.l and see how they like it.  Bulling hurts others and should  not be unacceptable

Lacey Tierney

@Randomlady: are you kidding me? Slavery was also seen as "natural" at the time..perhaps we just didn't teach them appropriate coping mechanisms??

Your thought process that bullying is natural and kids should just learn to "cope with it" is THE sole reason why it will never go away. Too many narrow-minded "kids-will-be-kids" thinkers not doing anything and then passing that BS down to your own kids.

Heather O'Neal Lambert

if people would stop raising little assholes then there wouldnt be any bullying. 

nicol... nicolemstacy

Bullies are NOT friends! I'd be livid if my children came home with this crap. Yes, bullies typically are victims, but why encourage the cycle to continue?!

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