Disgusting Toy Trend Sends a Bad Message to Our Kids

Sunny Chanel | Apr 17, 2014 Big Kid

poop toyThe other day my daughter and I were at our local Target. Since I was shopping with an 8-year-old, we spent the majority of our time browsing the toy aisles. We passed LEGO, Barbies, soft Minecraft swords, My Little Pony figurines, and then we saw something that stopped us in our tracks -- the Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet with a unicorn that actually poops rainbows. Yes, rainbows.

There are also versions where the Poopsy Pet poops glitter or jewels. I don't know about you, but that seems like one of the weirdest toy concepts EVER.

Scatological toys have been around for a while now, but no matter if it's a baby doll that mimics bodily functions or a toy that poops candy to eat, it all just seems totally gross to me. Personally, I would never buy a pooping doll for my girl. I understand, like the book says, Everyone Poops, but that is something that should be left in the bathroom not the playroom.

Some kids love poop, farts, burps, and all those other smelly and gross elements of nature. I just don't get it.

It's gross and totally something that doesn't need to be "played" with. I would not, repeat, not want to see my child hugging a big poop plushie like the one above or to play with any of the other objects of feces "fun."

Poop isn't fun, it's a bodily function. I'd worry that a kid would get poop-obsessed, bringing it up at inopportune moments like the dinner table or in the middle of class. There are SO many other toy options that are so less icky. So, I'll stick with a regular unicorn doll for my girl ... one that does not poop rainbows, gems, or glitter.

Check out these other bodily function toys. Which do you think is the weirdest?


Image via Amazon

  • The Pooping Unicorn


    Image via Amazon.com

    The Moxie Girlz doll whose pet unicorn poops rainbows. Yes, rainbows.

  • Doggie Doo


    Image via Amazon.com

    The Doggie Doo game where players clean up the dog's poop. The first player to clean up three messes wins the game.

  • Pooping Candy


    Image via Amazon.com

    Wanna eat candy poop? There is a whole range of little toys that will poop out treats for the whole family.

  • Poop Plushy


    Image via Amazon.com

    Wanna cuddle with some poo? This plush toy can make those dreams come true. Plus it comes with their pal TP.

  • Baby Alive


    Image via Amazon.com

    Baby Alive is a classic and has been in production for decades; I guess pooping and peeing never gets old!

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