School Wants Dress Code for Parents to Set a Better Example

dress codeA school board in Florida thinks it's time to institute a dress code dagnabit. Nothing weird about that, right? School boards have been instituting dress codes for centuries. But, see, this dress code is for the parents, not the students.

School board member Rosalind Osgood feels like it's a fool's errand to try to tell kids to stop wearing things like baggy pants, short shorts, and curlers in their hair when that's exactly how their parents are dressed when they pick them up. "Parents need to lead by example," she said. A fairly difficult sentiment to argue with, but I think Osgood is forgetting something.

While it's an interesting idea (that will doubtfully ever go through), I'm not quite sure how much of a difference it would make if mothers and fathers were, in fact, forbidden from dressing like teenagers when they showed up at school. Because, like kids, the parents would then revert to their old behavior when they weren't on school grounds. I agree that it's utterly ridiculous to expect children to adhere to certain rules that their moms and dads blatantly disregard, but this is an extremely thought out plan. And, with the risk of sounding rude, a complete waste of time.

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Many are up in arms about the notion of even thinking about trying to institute something like this on parents, and while, like I said, I don't think it would ever work, I do see where the school board is coming from and their well-meaning intent. I certainly don't think parents need to get dolled up to drop their kids off at school in the morning -- certainly no makeup and coiffed hair required. But think about it: Doesn't it seem ridiculous for a girl to get sent to the principal's office for wearing super short shorts when that's exactly how her mother dropped her off that day? It seems crazy! But I really don't think the school is going to be able to do anything about it. Sure, they can send out a memo, but what's going to happen? Are they going to send Mom to detention? And what if the principal runs into Mom off of school grounds and she's dressed that way?

It's a valiant effort, Ms. Osgood, and one that, in a lot of ways, makes sense. But I think you ought to use your energy for something that actually will make a difference with students, as there are far too many loopholes in this particular plan. 

Do you think parents should stick to "school dress code" when dropping off or picking up their kids?


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Elaine Cox

no where near legal..but parents should set better examples

Em Chappell-Root

My mother once picked us up from school with curlers in her hair, we were on our way to a friday afternoon wedding and we stopped to take them out at a rest stop about 30 minutes from the wedding (and to get us kids dressed). If anyone had said a word to her, she probably would have told them to quit being judgmental jerks and mind their own business. 


I think schools need to work on stopping teachers from fucking their underage students not what parents are wearing.

BGarcel BGarcel

Not even slightly enforceable... would they fine the parents for a violation?

More to the point, dress codes are mainly for the safety of the students. No metal, no gang affiliation, no thin soled shoes, no torn clothing..... I do believe they overextend their power when dictating a specific length for shorts or a specific width for shoulder straps on a shirt. Those types of rules don't really teach the students much. Anywhere else like the movie theatres, malls, park.... and they can wear spagetti straps and short shorts. The one argument I do agree with on those rules is that these types of clothing can be distracting to students. So, yes, fair enough. But only on the students.

The argument that students need to learn how to dress professionally falls short because at work you usually either wear a uniform or business attire. Clothes that fall within most dress codes are definitely not either.

If you really want to get to the bottom of what some people, and I'm sure some people here, say is slutty clothing wearing trend, look to society. Enforcing the dress code on parents will make many of them pissed off, and those who are not pissed off about this change would still not be an example of decorum for their students.

If they are having problems with their student body not following the dress code, find different ways of enforcing it or raise the stakes of being reprimanded for it.

Collier3 Collier3

See the thing is that the parents are the adults. Children have to learn, that just because an adult does it, does not mean they can. The appropriate length for clothing is subject to personal opinion. What one thinks is just out of the question, another will think there is nothing wrong with. Not to mention that different cultures, climates, etc., have different views. If I want to drop my kid off at 7:30am in my pj's and slippers, with rollers in my hair, because I do not have to be ready to go anywhere for another hour or so, then I will. Besides most parents do not even get out the car when dropping their kids off.

mande... manderspanders

As usual The Stir and the commenters fail to read between the lines.

Why can't or why shouldn't we expect parents to be good role models for their children?  Why as a society, do we continue to coddle this level of irresponsibility?

What the hell is wrong with people who routinely dress trashy or inappropriately around their children?  It certainly speaks to lack of respect parents have for themselves, for their role, for their children, and for their community.

With that being said, I don't believe that making rules (enforceable or not) is an answer, but it only addresses a symptom of the problem...but not the problem of the underlying societal sickness.

Freela Freela

Dress codes drive me crazy in general, and definitely not for parents.  I'm fully confident that I can drop off my children in above-the-knee shorts and still be a good role model (and honestly, I don't see anything inappropriate about my kids wearing shorts that hit mid-thigh either.)  I'm frankly tired of schools telling me what my kids should have for lunch, what length their shorts should be, how thick their straps should be, etc.  I'm the parent, it should be at my discretion.  I promise I won't dress them like strippers, but let me worry about what they're wearing and spend your energy with school stuff- and definitely don't worry what I'm wearing, I'm an adult and can figure that out for myself!

bingo... bingogurl

They can advise parents, but in no way can you force parents to dress a certain way when the come to the school. 

James Anderson

yet another stupid idea from a completely FAILED public education system . Fix yourself and your worthless teachers before you even think of fixing ANYTHING ELSE . By fix I of course mean FIRE .

Sarah... SarahHall58

For once I actually agree with all the comments. How can you enforce something like that?

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