Angry Anti-Vax Mom Should Be Thanking School for Banning Her Kid

hypodermic needle vaccineAs some parents' refusal to have their kids vaccinated continues to be a topic of heated, contentious debate, the consequences of "opting out" have become more apparent. For one fifth grader named Aidan Walsh from Manitoba, Canada, that means studying from home for up to three weeks after an older student may have been infected with measles. That's because Aidan's mom Kim Paul doesn't believe in immunization. She reportedly feels he's safe at home with homeopathic remedies. And as a result of her decision to keep Aidan unvaccinated, she feels pressured by his school.

Paul told CBC News, "To me it almost seems like a bullying situation, you know. Get the needle, get the needle, if you don't get the needle, you can't go." There's that so often misused and abused word again -- bullying. The use couldn't be more wrong here.

Perhaps Aidan's school -- and many schools here in the U.S. -- encourage moms like Paul to vaccinate, or else alert them that their child cannot come to school until the vaccine-preventable disease cases (or even single case) have cleared. At the most, I could see how Paul and other anti-vaccine moms may feel "pressured," but only as much as a school pressures parents to make sure their kids are treated for lice or don't come to school with any other illness or ailment that would put other kids at risk.

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She's not being "bullied" -- just asked to do right by her child and others in her child's school. As provincial health officials noted, parents of unvaccinated kids would have to keep them away from school to prevent infection and "ensure his/her safety as well as the safety of his/her peers."

Of course, I can understand wanting to manage a child's health in a particular way. There's a time and place for homeopathic treatments. But when it comes to infectious diseases, parents like Paul don't have much of a choice. If they insist on keeping their children unvaccinated, their kids have to stay home for the good of the whole -- like it or not. And if it's not about the community, then considering that 92 percent of measles cases last year were in unvaccinated people, moms like Paul would do well to consider the looming risk for their own child, as well.

How do you feel about this mom claiming she's being bullied?


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CaraB... CaraBear31

Just vaccinate your kid and shut the hell up...stupid drama!!

nonmember avatar Amber Baler

I don't agree with people not properly vaccinAting their kids. the only reason would be if they are allergic. I'm a full believer in vaccines. it's just stupid not to. if there an outbreak your child will be exposed. it's just stupid not to. I think the school should be able to vaccinate I really don't care about opinions but I would kick every child that is not vaccinated with the current vacines

Panda... PandaPop83

I get my children vaxed. Here in Hawaii, they cannot enter the public school system without it. I feel my children's health is fairly safe in school. I honestly believe vaccination outweighs the risks of its side effects. When I was younger, chicken pox would make its rounds like the flu. My sisters and I missed about 3 weeks of school (not to mention that my mother contracted the virus for the second time in her life). It was horrible! I still have scars. I get my children vaccinated to protect them from these things. I was told that before I was born, many of my family member got sick and passed away because vaccination was a new thing and it wasn't available to everyone (I was raised by my grandparents). How sad! To think that the protection is there, yet a lot of parents leave their children vulnerable to illnesses and deaths, it's unnerving. So far, in the 7-8 years that my children have been in school, I have never heard of any other outbreak besides the flu, which makes me truly greatful for the DOE and DOH's part in making vaccinations mandatory for entering public schools here.

Steph Lynn Vassallo

If all the kids have all ready got all their shots then whats everyone all scared about i thought the shots were suppose to prevent them from getting anything or is it that the shots are all a load of BS !!!! Do your studying before listening to others Eat right build your immune system insted of "yea they maybe can help you or not and then cause problems later on in life and for your children's children" hmm ? think about it !!

Einyn Einyn

@allie where is your research? Mine says you're wrong.

luv5a... luv5angels06

I vaccinated my kids, all 5 of them. That was my choice, just like it was this mother's choice not to. However, the fact is that there was an outbreak at her child's school and the school is protecting her child by having him stay home. They have to fully disinfect the school, and ensure that there are no other sick children that may infect her unvaxed child. It's her right as a mother to not vax her child, but it is also her responsibility to ensure his well being, and take other preventative measures. Why risk your child's life by arguing about keeping him home when there is a deadly disease at the school.

Mine are all vaccinated, but I don't send mine to school if there is a cold/flu outbreak. I will protect my children to the best of my ability. I find it odd that this mother doesn't see her child being kept home as protecting his well being.

Steph Lynn Vassallo

DeAnna Board

I feel like this mom is being a drama queen. the school is trying to protect her child from a disease he could have been vaccinated against. I understand people who are anti-vac, even though I am pro-vac, but she isn't being bullied here at all. If the kid goes to school, he will get sick. shes trying to get sympathy from this situation, saying shes bullied. I feel like shes an idiot.

Gayle Whitehouse Floyd

She is not being bullied, she is being educated. The diseases that kids are being vaxed against are deadly. I grew up when they didn't have vax for them and yes kids in my school died from them, boys became sterile from mumps. I vaxed my kids and if my daughters were thinking of not vaxing my grandkids I would be telling them it is child abuse and is risking all the other children they are around without the public even knowing.

Melanie Rose

All these anti-vax nuts need to stop listening to people like Jenny McCarthy, who has no idea what she's talking about.  People worry that vaccinating their kids is going to cause autism, and that's just a load of crap.  This hysteria is based on the junk science of one guy who couldn't even get a peer review and had to create his own journal to get published.  Autism is more likely caused by all the processed pesticide-laden GMOs we ingest.  If you don't want to vaccinate, that's fine.  But go live in a third world country where disease runs rampant - why? - because they don't have vaccines.  And don't get me worng, I'm all for homeopathic remedies over Big Pharma.  But there are some things - like smallpox, measles, rubella - that I'd rather leave to the professionals, seeing as how they've virtually eliminated these diseases, with the exception of anti-vax idiots.

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