Angry Anti-Vax Mom Should Be Thanking School for Banning Her Kid

hypodermic needle vaccineAs some parents' refusal to have their kids vaccinated continues to be a topic of heated, contentious debate, the consequences of "opting out" have become more apparent. For one fifth grader named Aidan Walsh from Manitoba, Canada, that means studying from home for up to three weeks after an older student may have been infected with measles. That's because Aidan's mom Kim Paul doesn't believe in immunization. She reportedly feels he's safe at home with homeopathic remedies. And as a result of her decision to keep Aidan unvaccinated, she feels pressured by his school.

Paul told CBC News, "To me it almost seems like a bullying situation, you know. Get the needle, get the needle, if you don't get the needle, you can't go." There's that so often misused and abused word again -- bullying. The use couldn't be more wrong here.

Perhaps Aidan's school -- and many schools here in the U.S. -- encourage moms like Paul to vaccinate, or else alert them that their child cannot come to school until the vaccine-preventable disease cases (or even single case) have cleared. At the most, I could see how Paul and other anti-vaccine moms may feel "pressured," but only as much as a school pressures parents to make sure their kids are treated for lice or don't come to school with any other illness or ailment that would put other kids at risk.

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She's not being "bullied" -- just asked to do right by her child and others in her child's school. As provincial health officials noted, parents of unvaccinated kids would have to keep them away from school to prevent infection and "ensure his/her safety as well as the safety of his/her peers."

Of course, I can understand wanting to manage a child's health in a particular way. There's a time and place for homeopathic treatments. But when it comes to infectious diseases, parents like Paul don't have much of a choice. If they insist on keeping their children unvaccinated, their kids have to stay home for the good of the whole -- like it or not. And if it's not about the community, then considering that 92 percent of measles cases last year were in unvaccinated people, moms like Paul would do well to consider the looming risk for their own child, as well.

How do you feel about this mom claiming she's being bullied?


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peanu... peanutsmommy1

My son is selecively vaccinated, it states right on the waiver I sign that it means that he would be excluded from schoool in the case of an outbreak

Todd Vrancic

My two younger kids had to be vaccinated on a different schedule, but they had enough done to not interfere with schooling.  They had issues when they were younger and were on a delayed schedule.  If one of mine was unable to be vaccinated, I would be perfectly fine with them being allowed to complete assignments from home to protect THEIR health.

nonmember avatar Miss Ann Thrope

Um, I'm confused. Why is this mom mad? She chose not to vaccinate her child. I respect that choice, it us hers to make. Now there has been a case of measles, which he is not vacinated against, they are simply asking for him to avoid exposure so he will not get sick. Does she want him to get the measles? Avoidance IS the homeopathic means to avoid sickness. She's not being bullied; she's being supported in her decision.

nonmember avatar Jade

This is actually from my home province, and the measles outbreak has been going on for awhile. If you choose not to vaccinate, than why would you send your child to a place where the disease you chose not to prevent, runs wild?? *SMH* its one thing to be "protective" and it's another to be crazy. I'm sorry, but parents that choose not to vaccinate for their own selfish reasons and then try to "convince" that it's for the best of their child. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. you are just a crazy mother who is allowing her child to become susceptible to preventative things. I'm a "hippy" mom but it's another to choose not to vaccinate for the sake of your child's health. YOU (MOM) CHOOSE NOT TO VACCINATE BECAUSE OF "YOUR NEEDS" like an infant can speak up and tell u if they want it to save them from possible diseases in life. If your kid dies mom, sorry to say, its cuz your stupid ass didn't vaccinate.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

And if they let him into the school and he got measles she would sue because the school didn't protect him. I'm so sick of adults whining about being bullied. If you are taking an anti-vax stand, you have to deal with the consequences.

nonmember avatar Eye_Roll

Shut the full cup already!

Choco... Chocodoxies

Every student in my daughter's school is fully vaccinated unless there is a MEDICAL reason that they can not be, such as an allergy. I pay a pretty penny for that kind of security. I'm not really sure why the anti-vaxers are so up in arms anyway; from their anti-vax stance alone it is fairly obvious that they find education to not be a priority otherwise they would be educated on vaccinations and not by the "Natural News". 

nicki... nicki.hemingway

Hey Stir, do some research.  Most measles cases were in VACCINATED people last year.  SMh learn to do actual research. 

Krist... Kristin_Allen

"Oh, you WANT your child to be exposed to a potentially DEADLY disease? Can you say CHILD ABUSE?" 

Jo Anne

I can understand how the anti-vax mom feels bullied. She made an, albeit stupid, choice, and the fact that the school is pressuring/forcing her to get her child vaccinated is like saying she's gay and the school is pressuring her to be straight. She isn't only risking her child's health but she's also putting her child's education at risk. Every time there is an outbreak at school or even the slightest threat of exposure, she has to keep her child out for not just 1 or 2 days but WEEKS until the outbreak is over. That's valuable learning time she's taking away from her child. She might as well homeschool him. She can't have her cake and eat it too.

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