Should Moms be Friends with Their Teens?

classroomYanniSmoMMy  wants to know why some moms feel it is important to be friends with their teens.

I think she's right to question the fine balance between parenting and befriending our children. It's an every day challenge at the teen stage of parenting, and there are no easy answers to this one. On one hand, you want you teenager to trust and confide in you, but on the other hand, you certainly don't want to confuse him/her about your boundaries and expectations.


An anonymous mom offered this: "You can have a good relationship AND still be a parent to your teen. Parents nowadays are so afraid of causing permanent damage to their child, so they opt out of discipline and rules for their children. I never understood how parents assume their kids are perfect and never prone to mischief...

Hubby is a police officer and whenever he has to arrest a teen and call the parents, the parents are all up in HIS face and demanding he quit harassing the teen. Many of the parents hire lawyers to get their teens out of even the most minor of charges. This just enforces to them that it's never their fault and they never learn. Frustrating, for sure, because an entire generation is being raised that way."

Moms of teens, what's your school of thought on this one?

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