Juice Cleanses Aren't for Kids

juice cleanseThere are a whole lot of diet trends that parents just love and totally swear by, from going vegan to going gluten free.

While many moms and dads may include their children in the newfangled food fad, there is one you just shouldn't do with your kid: Please don't put your child on a juice cleanse.


Many people like famous juicers Gwyneth Paltrow and Alicia Silverstone swear by the occasional juice cleanse. But they are grown adults who can make their own decisions about their bodies and who have a mature digestion system and body. Children, especially babies, need so many nutrients and vitamins to grow big and strong, they don't need to be put on a questionable diet just 'cos mom or dad digs it.

And get this, a company actually markets a cleanse to not just children but toddler's and even babies! Yes, babies! The compnay defends its $99 "Children Cleanse" herbal extracts saying that:

Children are the products of their mother's body (womb) and what the mother eats herself and feeds to her family. A toxic woman undoubtedly has a toxic body and this toxic body serves as a vehicle for a developing baby. Many babies are born sick upon delivery today because of developing in a toxic body and womb.

It then goes off on the negative effects of sugar and pre-natal vitamins on a baby. The herbal extracts are actually taken in combination with a dietary regiment of raw foods. But still, a cleanse for a baby seems pretty extreme how ever you slice it.

There just seems to be too many risks to take with a child's health for the sake of embracing this health trend.

Would you ever put your kid on a cleanse of any kind?

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