Should Little Boys Have Pierced Ears?

pierced earsIt can be a big dilemma when your little girl wants her ears pierced. But what do you do when your son asks to have his ears pierced? Little boys ... with earrings! Are we ready for that? Apparently this is something boys are asking for at a younger age. Maybe it's a trickle-down influence from pirate Jack Sparrow -- or maybe it's some other cultural phenomenon we parents are totally clueless about. But it's bound to throw even the most open-minded parent. My friend's 9-year-old son recently asked to have his ears pierced, and this is how she handled it.

Linda wasn't that surprised because her son likes to "adorn" himself anyway. He wears rings on his fingers and sometimes a necklace or two. Still, when Z asked for earrings, she wanted to think about it, and she wanted him to think about it as well.

When she and her husband talked it over, they came to the conclusion that if their son really wanted his ears pierced, it would just be fair to say yes. Why? Because his sister's ears are pierced. Why enforce a double standard for ear-piercing?

Linda's daughter had her ears pierced, for cultural reasons, when she was 4 years old. And she loves her earrings. Gender equality is important to this whole family. So Linda is letting Z sit with the idea for a while. "If he asked again, we wouldn't hold him back if that's what he wanted to do."

It helps that they home-school, so Z isn't likely to get harassed by other kids or teachers. The important thing is that their son give the idea some serious thought, first. They're not making this decision on a whim. 

I think that's pretty reasonable. I hadn't thought of it that way before -- if you're willing to pierce a girl's ears, you should be willing to pierce your son's as well, if they want it. And who knows -- maybe this will become fairly commonplace in a few years.

What would you say if your young son asked to have his ears pierced?


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Todd Vrancic

My children were allowed to have their ears pierced if they wanted to at the age of twelve.  My daughters decided they wanted to, my son decided he didn't.

sylph... sylph_ironlight

Years ago, my husband paid (with his brother's permission) to have his then 2 yr old nephews ear pierced. When we had our first boy, my husband asked if he could get his ear pierced and I put my foot down and said no. If our son decides when he's older to have it done, then fine, but not until he's at least 12 (and hopefully older). I don't have any daughters, but if I did, my husband and I would also wait until they were older to have her ears pierced.

Coles... Coles_mom

My kids aren't going to get their ears pierced until they're adults....girls and boys. Where I come from, thankfully, boys don't care to get their ears pierced...but it's whatever they decide as adults. I don't like that mine were done as a child.

SES1985 SES1985

Both of my boys have their ears pierced. They dont get harrassed by anyone. Good grief there is alot better things to worry about than boys with pierced ears...

Sophi... SophiasChoice

The school dress code doesn't allow boys to have their ears pierced so my son wouldn't be able to even if he wanted to. I don't agree with piercing babies ears (boys or girls), but if the kid decides he wants a simple ear piercing, I don't see an issue.


I believe my answer would have to be "Do you want your father to rip it out when he sees it?"  He always told his older son if he came over with any visible piercings that's precisely what he'd do (and at 22, he's still piercing-free). And I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking.

It'd definitely a "for girls only" thing in our house.

Sarah... SarahHall58

If my son wants his ears pierced then by all means I'll say yes. I have mine done and they're stretched too. I also have a lip ring and a nose ring. He might want something like mommy. While body piercings he has to wait until he's at least 13. Piercings can be taken out. Tattoos he'll have to wait until he's 18. I'm surprised by all the negative comments about piercings on here. Actually I shouldn't be. A lot of the people who comment on here are extremely conservative and narrow minded.

nonmember avatar Brena

My kids have to be 16 to get a piercing regardless of gender. That is how old my husband was when he got his ear pierced, while I was 19 (which we never wear any, he is allergic to almost everything and I hate weight on my ears).

Torra... TorranceMom

In our home, things like earrings & long hair are a privilege enjoyed only by females.  

nonmember avatar Tanya

Nope he can wait till he's 18.

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