12 Good-for-You Travel Snacks Your Kids Will Love

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There are three things parents hate hearing from the back seat during a road trip. 1. Are we there yet? 2. I have to pee NOW. And 3. I'm hungry. I can't help you with the first two, but if you're looking for snacks, I've got some ideas for you. And they're all pretty healthy! Healthy but tasty. Your kids will love munching away on these road tripping snacks so much they won't even notice they're actually kind of good for them.


1. Fresh fruit: "What's fresh fruit? I've never heard of that." Haha, I know, this is not news. But I thought I'd mention it anyway. I recommend easy, not-too-messy fruits like clementines (kids can peel their own) and grapes.

2. Apple chips: Sure, you do whole apples and apple slices. But Bare Snacks has all these fun flavored apple chips. No funky stuff added!

3. Mixed nuts: Make your own mix at the bulk bins. I'm currently obsessed with marcona almonds. Or try these yummy flavored Sante Nuts mixes.

4. Dried fruit: While you're in the bulk aisles, check out the dried fruit and pick out something new you've never tried before. I'm a fan of dried papaya -- it's ridiculous, I swear.

5. Yogurt squeezers: Try to find some that are not loaded with sugar. Freeze overnight, and they'll stay cool most of the day.

6. Popcorn: That is all. No, really -- pop your own the night before and bag it. Or you can usually find packaged popped corn at the grocery store. Just look at the ingredients label and maybe don't buy the bright neon orange kind, if you're trying to avoid feeding your kids chemicals.

7. Pita Puffs: Guess what? Pita Puffs are the new pita chips. They're more exciting because they're puffed and have more flavors.

8. Baked lentil chips: Yeah, really -- I'm seeing these everywhere. I'm banking on the theory that kids will enjoy just about anything salty and crunchy. Worth a try.

9. Dark chocolate: It's good for you! Science says so all the time! But kids like milk chocolate better. Split the difference and go for around 60 percent. Or get some Trader Joe's Ruggedly Awesome Cowboy Bark. Okay, it's not super healthy, but it's got nuts and dark chocolate, so it's kind of a win.

10. Peanut butter pretzels: While you're at Trader Joe's, buying all the healthy snacks there, check out their pretzels filled with peanut butter. It's protein time.

11. Meat jerky: Too salty? They make low-sodium beef jerky now. I've been seeing a new, South African-style jerky called Biltong. And there are other kinds of jerky, like turkey (no joke) and from your beloved deer-hunting friends, venison. 

12. Babybel cheese: Here's why these are awesome. They're cheese, so they're good for you and filling. But your kids also have to spend time unwrapping them from their little wax cases, so they're also kind of like a toy. And then you can use the wax case as a clown nose.

What are your kids' favorite travel snacks?


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