Bus Driver Makes 6-Year-Old Prove Her Age in Strangest Way

teethAs far as I'm concerned, the only time an adult should ask to see a child's teeth is if they're at a dentist's office. But a bus driver decided that was his right, too. In a town where children under the age of 7 can ride the bus for free, a bus driver demanded a 6-year-old girl show him her teeth before he would let her board the bus. And get this -- when she complied, he told her she had too many teeth for a 6-year-old and wouldn't let her ride for free. He also said she was too tall. Who made this man an expert in tooth-aging?


This story is so absurd. First of all, there's just something creepy about a strange adult demanding that a child show him their teeth. Okay? Let's just start there. And the poor girl was so taken aback, she obeyed him before her mother could stop her. Thanks goodness her mother was there with her, by the way.

The second preposterous thing about this story is that examining a child's teeth is an arbitrary and unreliable way to judge their age. Anyone who has ever had the experience of losing their baby teeth and having new teeth grow in (ALL OF US) knows that the whole process happens on different time lines for different kids. Not to mention, you could have a mouth full of baby teeth and not even have lost any at the age of 6.

Don't even get me started on the idea that a child is too tall for their age. How the hell would he know?

Anyway, why is this bus driver so persnickety over the idea of some kid who's over 6 getting a free ride? Like that's the worst thing in the world that could ever happen! Oh no, a 7-year-old rode the bus for free -- welcome, fourth horse of the Apocalypse! Say goodbye to civilization as we know it. There goes the city's budget. It's been blown to bits by free bus rides for children.

I tell ya, some adults need to get a grip on what's really important.

How much should a city care about enforcing age limits for free bus rides?


Image via Kelly Teague/Flickr


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