Girl's Rare & Deadly Diagnosis Will Turn Any Parent Into a Hypochondriac

kinsey morsiWhen we first become parents, it's hard not to fret over every little symptom our babies have. Is it just a cold or something worse? Is that cradle cap or some horrible skin infection? As they grow older, our hypochondria tends to wane. Unless there is a bone protruding or a crazy high temperature, we think it's nothing major. However, the heartbreaking story of 5-year-old Kinsey Morsi will make every parent be a bit more paranoid about their child's health.


By all accounts, she was a perfectly healthy kindergartner. She played with her friends, loved school. Then, in December, her mother noticed that she was getting winded and fatigued after running just a short distance. She was also bruising easily and complaining of joint pain.

A trip to the pediatrician left them with a startling diagnosis. Her blood tests revealed she has kidney failure. Her condition was so bad that she was in danger of a stroke or heart attack from high potassium levels. To call it a nightmare is an understatement. The family was absolutely terrified.

It was as if in an instant, their healthy, exuberant child was bed-bound and deathly ill. Since the diagnosis, she has had four surgeries, suffered a seizure, and had many transfusions. Now doctors say she has end-stage kidney failure -- which is very rare in children. There are only 15 cases in every 1 million US kids. While Kinsey's spirits are high, she will need a kidney transplant soon if she is to survive.

Doctors say she was not born with the disease, and it's unclear what caused it. It was like it appeared out of the blue. Horrifying. There are so many scary things about being a parent -- keeping them safe from predators and accident-free. But these types of stories give us something more to fear. That's not to say we should become hypochondriacs where our kids are concerned, but we should be encouraged to act on any feeling that something isn't right. It could save a child's life.

Do you have any encouraging words for this family?


Image via Daily News

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