Brandi Glanville's Son Rushed to Hospital, But She Doesn't Let His Dad Know

Nothing is more panic-inducing than when an emergency happens to your child and you have to rush him or her to the hospital. That panic quadruples when you are co-parenting and it's the other parent who is with the child and you're not. But imagine how horrible it feels when the other parent doesn't even let you know what's going on. That's apparently what Brandi Glanville did to her ex, Eddie Cibrian, when their son, Mason, got sick and was rushed to an NYC hospital. And his new wife, LeAnn Rimes, is absolutely furious. And took to Twitter about it, natch.


It's unclear what exactly happened to Mason, but it wasn't just a scrape. According to Brandi, he was in the emergency room for eight hours, and she thanked the staff on Twitter for "saving my babes life." Sounds pretty serious.

Granted, these two have had a particularly bitter divorce, but there is really no excuse for not notifying the other parent when a child is sick or in danger. What if, god forbid, Mason had passed away? And Eddie wouldn't have had the chance to say anything to him?

As it turns out, Eddie may have blocked Brandi's cell from his -- at least according to what LeAnn said on Twitter. Which makes absolutely no sense. How do you expect to keep in touch about your kids?

There is just no excuse for not notifying another parent of a child's emergency. End of story. If two parents can't communicate civilly to each other, then they need to have a plan in place for what happens if there's an emergency. Kids are kids. They get sick, they fall, they break bones.

You can't just tune out the other parent no matter how much you don't like him or her. Get a grandparent, mutual friend, or lawyer to be the "go-between" and communicate if something happens. But, really, it shouldn't ever get to that point. Two adults who had kids together should always be able to at least communicate during a kid's emergency. Too many parents let their own ego and feelings get in the way of being good parents.

Luckily, Mason is fine and will recover. Hopefully these two, as well as any parents in the same position, will use this as a wake-up call to get along better.

Have you ever had a spouse or relative not inform you of a kid's emergency?


Image via Bravo

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