The 2 Words Moms Dread Hearing

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children playingMy pediatrician delivered bad news this week. My daughter's goopy, red eyes was just what I feared ... a walloping case of pink eye. Cue six loads of laundry to wash everything she might have come in contact with, compulsive hand washing to the point where my hands are red and raw, and of course obsessing about every little itch and tick of my own eyes.

Pink eye. Two little words. One massive mom headache.

That's always how it is, isn't it? Something so small, something that sounds so innocuous, fills you with dread when you're a parent? In fact, pink eye ranks right up at the top of a list of the absolute worst phrases in the English language ... at least for parents. What else is on the list? Why I thought you'd never ask!

1. Pink eye

2. Snow day

3. Head lice

4. Justin Bieber

5. Send cupcakes

6. Chaperones needed

7. Science project

8. Food allergy

9. Driver's permit

10. Summer break

11. Chuck E. Cheese (OK, not exactly 2 words, but close enough!)

12. Fundraising contest

13. Class mom

14. Pediatrician appointment

15. Bake sale

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What phrases make you absolutely CRINGE now that you're a parent?


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morga... morgani6904

Stomach bug. Worst two words ever

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

More actions do than words. Like the sound of puking kid.......the blood curdling cry of a kid playing outside, the dead silence of a kid playing, the sound of "hey mom check out this snake/bug/dead animal!" And pulling a tooth out.

Proud... Proudmom_1882

I've had to deal with pink eye twice in one year with two kids! I didn't get it the first time, but I did the second time and had it on Christmas!! Ugh! It was awful! I hate pink eye! My son had head lice this fall, too! His first year in school and already had lice. I must have caught it early because thank God no one else had it!

nonmember avatar mrs. mitch

I don't think you have to drive yourself crazy washing everything your daughter may have come into contact with, or obsessively wash your hands. Pink eye isn't that serious. If it's viral, it'll clear up on it's own, although you can use eye drops to help relieve itching and discomfort. If it's bacterial, your doctor can give you antibiotic eyedrops. Breastmilk can also help cure pink eye. My son had pink eye last week, and aside from using over-the-counter eyedrops made by Similisan 2x per day, we didn't do anything else. It cleared up within 3 days, and he was back to school. Didn't do any extra laundry, only made him wash his hands if I saw him scratch his eye, and the 5 other people at home have been fine.

mamap... mamapayneof3

Oh pink eye and head lice. Those words sucked. One year my daughter got pink eye. She gave it to my neighbor who in turn some how bounced it back to my house after about 3 times we stopped visiting til it was all gone. Then the head lice showed up. My daughters daycare called me. We treated her and two days later she had it again! I was furious and demanded to know how. Apparently this little kid my daughter didn't even play with was infested and my kids cubby was next to hers so in turn my daughter got it. She has beautiful long hair we had to chop off. Eventually after about 4 times I demanded her cubby be moved. Then my mom finds out about a shampoo and we started using it. No more lice! It's called lice shield I highly recommend it!

melis... melissaAD1125

What's wrong with sons day you get an extra day with your kid

mom2b... mom2boys1997

New shoes

due tomorrow

Lunch money

principals office


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