Angelina Jolie Buys Her Son a Totally Inappropriate Toy

angelina jolieWhen it comes to pretty much, well, anything, Angelina Jolie can do no wrong. She speaks, we listen. She gets tested for the BRCA gene, so do we. She's more than a gorgeous celebrity, she's a philanthropist and positive example for many of us. Except for that time she bought her 10-year-old son a swearing toy finger.

While in Vegas recently, Jolie treated five of her six kids to a shopping spree at Bonanza Gifts, "the world's largest gift shop." Angie's second oldest son, Pax, chose a "foul" toy finger that "drops a lot of F-bombs." The store's manager said, "[Jolie] kind of raised an eyebrow [to Pax’s swearing finger], but she didn’t say anything to him."

I don't doubt for a minute that Angelina is a great mother and a fine example for her children. But an F-bomb-dropping toy for a 10-year-old? Doesn't seem like the best idea.

Here's the thing: Angelina can (and does) parent her children the way that she wants. I'm not here to tell her otherwise. But a 10-year-old having such a vulgar toy does raise an interesting question: Would you want your child around the kid with the cursing finger?

My daughter is just shy of being 2. And, like all toddlers, she's a sponge. Repeats every single thing you say and do. So, if we were at the park and a kid was playing with a toy that kept saying "f*ck," you best believe she'd repeat it. And you best believe I'd be annoyed, as my husband and I make a concerted effort to not use language like that around her.

Again, I don't doubt that Angelina's a good mother, but unless Pax is only going to play with this toy when he's by himself, I don't think giving a kid something like this a great idea. And I really don't see how that's going to happen, being that he has five brothers and sisters -- four of which are younger than him and who should definitely not be privy to words like that yet.

What do you think of Angelina buying a toy like this? Would you be annoyed if your child was around a kid with this?


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Elaine Cox

jennifer lopez says f on tv with kids watching and its ok..but buy a toy for a kid that says f and its wrong...pick one side and stick to it,ok?

fave82 fave82

^^ A different writer wrote the Jennifer Lopez article.. Thus, different opinion.

LadyH... LadyHutch0824

*shrug* IMHO, its just words. If we give them attention and power, the kids will give them power and use them to freak us out. But if we just treat them like words, and ignore it, they will not really care.

Paula Fritchman

Ill never understand why a innocent one in the line of TRUELY offensive words.....gets people in a tizzy

nonmember avatar Guest

Or maybe she said nothing knowing some tabloid like this would blow it all out of proportion if she did and just dealt with it in privacy later.

Angie Williams

I'm seriously getting rid of this site on my FB. I have seen more stupid articles than real news worthy stuff. Who F#%ingvcares she bought an innappriate toy for her on. She must be the worst mother in the world(sarcastic tone there) so sick of reading ans seeing stupid articles like this. What a joke. I think she a great mother!!!

TheSi... TheSilence

There are worse things.

April... AprilJune

Yes, there are worse things than the F word, but I certainly don't want my children using it. It's disrespectful. Just like I don't allow them to show disrespect to me or anyone in their lives in other ways (speaking rudely, yelling, ignoring, etc.), they won't be allowed to use that word, or other swear words. And I won't encourage them to play with other kids who act in any of those ways either. I can't control who they play with at shool, but I can influence who they play with at home or whose houses they go to for playdates.

Freela Freela

I can vouch that my 11-year-old would think that toy was hilarious, because he's at that 'Ooooh- a swear word!' stage of development.  We've talked about context already (that some words are appropriate in certain contexts, but not others.)  I assume he says things around friends that he doesn't say around me, but I think that is pretty typical behavior for that age.  If my kid wanted to buy something stupid like that, I would probably tell him it's his money to waste, he should keep it in his room, and hope that he learns not to waste his money down the line.  I'm not going to be the 'word police.' 

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