Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Extreme Move to Protect Her Kids From Divorce

gwyneth paltrowIt's never easy to break the news of your divorce to your children. Few things feel worse than telling your child you're about to split their world in two. And so it's a little bittersweet to hear that just before announcing their separation, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin left for a family vacation together. The couple and their children, 9-year-old Apple and 7-year-old Moses, are spending time in the Bahamas -- probably the last time the four of them will vacation together ever again.

I'm sure a pre-split vacation would be helpful for any child, but for Apple and Moses, it would be especially important considering all the publicity the divorce is attracting now. I'm sure their parents do their best to protect their kids from the frenzy, but it would still be hard.

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That aside, though, it sounds incredibly thoughtful for Paltrow and Martin to get together for some family bonding far away from the public. (Not to mention the self-control and thoughtfulness it would take for each of them to spend time together peacefully.) After all, they could have escaped the public on separate vacations, on either ends of the globe from each other. It really speaks to the gentleness Paltrow and Martin are trying to extend to their children in the midst of a difficult transition.

We can't all take our kids on a beautiful tropical vacation to cushion the blow of a divorce, and we're obviously not going to show up on the cover of tabloid magazines. But those of us who are dealing with divorce (like I am) can take this as inspiration. Maybe there's something we can do to help our kids unplug from the stress and relax a little.

Even though Paltrow and Martin will be moving on to separate lives, because of the children they share, they will always be, in some ways, a family. Now their kids will always have the memories of that last family vacation together, evidence of how mindful their parents were of their happiness, even while they were in the process of splitting apart.

What other ways do parents try to protect their kids from the stress of divorce?


Image via Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

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balan... balancing-act

My parents did this when they split. It ended up making the family vacation feel like a complete lie.

Jacee... Jacee2348

While I'm no Gwyneth fan, I'm sure she & her husband thought it best to escape some of the intense media scrutiny while the news sinks in for their children. The Paparazzi are some of the biggest bullies with no regard for the kids of the stars so I do understand their motive (even though the escape is temporary). It's always hard for kids of any age to see their parents split...

Rosalind Sedacca

This is a compassionate way to show your children that, despite divorce, you are still a family and always will be. It shows thoughtfulness on the part of both parents who are putting the kids needs first and trying to cushion the blow in the best possible way. Kudos to Gwyneth and her husband. I hope they become role models for being child-centered parents moving through divorce with their children's needs clearly in mind.

starl... starlight1968

My sister and I knew before our parents told know and this is a great way I think to let the kids know they are loved and mom/dad can still be nice & friendly to each other... mine took us on a weekend camping was a nice memory and I really appreciate the time they took to do this with us.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I admire the way they are handling things. My ex and I make every effort possible to make our kids as comfortable as they can be with our divorce, we have weekly dinners out and celebrate the holidays together. We also still vacation together. Most think it's weird and is surely not the norm, but it works for us and what is best for our kids which is what matters most to us.

amand... amanda_mom89

We went on a family vacation right before my dad left us with not even a warning. I mean, even my mom was blindsided. I hate the memory of that vacation because my dad acted weird the whole time and now I look back and know it was because he was just about to up and leave his family for another woman 3 hours away.

So Idk that I would ever employ that specific tactic if DH and I divorced.

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