Mom Says She's Found Autism Cure: Would You Try It?

flowers handsAs parents, if something is going on with our kid, we want to find a way to fix it, make it better, do whatever we can to help them. Sometimes a "cure" is as easy as putting a princess Band-Aid on a scrape along with a little kiss, but other times it's much more complicated than that.

Mom Katherine Reid has a 7-year-old daughter who has autism. She believes she has found the cure for autism. It's something we can all eliminate from our diet and, as Reid says, doing so has shown to be an autism treatment, showing improvement in children within five weeks.

First let's get the facts. Reid is a San Francisco Bay Area biochemist. Her youngest child, Brooke, showed signs of autism at 2 years of age. Brooke had "wild tantrums, repetitive behavior, communication issues, and digestive problems." She was diagnosed as moderately autistic.

Reid first began looking into changing Brooke's diet, eliminating gluten and diary, but then she starting looking at MSG -- monosodium glutamate, which everyone thinks is only in Chinese food. It's everywhere, as Reid notes -- in nearly 95 percent of processed foods and sometimes it's not even on the label. Reid learned all she could about MSG and its role in the body. Turns out it interfered with neural function, and the gluatmine in MSG can create a greater imbalance. So she eliminated it from Brooke's diet and doing so has "completely removed" her daughter's autism symptoms.

Cured. As this mom believes. Cured, as seen in this 7-year-old. Could it be? Could it work? I have to believe that it could. I'm so happy for this family that it's working for them. One doctor went on record saying he would try it with the kids he treats, but he also cautioned that this is very rare for a child with moderate autism to be "cured" by the age of 7. This mom, however, says that 99 percent of the 75 autistic children that she has worked with at her foundation, Unblind My Blind, have "drastically improved within five weeks." I'm hopeful, but cautiously so. I think all of us as parents need to keep seeing what works for our kids and going from there.

What do you think of the elimination of MSG "curing" autism? Would you try it?


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Frost... FrostyMelted

She's a quack and it's shameful that you're trying to promote some ridiculous notion that autism can be cured. 

Robin Hartman

Removing unhealthy things from the diet can't hurt, but I hardly think it's a cure. If it was so easy then everyone would do it and there would be no autism. I recommend the book Health Food Junkies: Orthorexia bySteven Bratman, M.D. for diet obsessed people. It's interesting.

nonmember avatar Kristi

I think people are very naive about what is put into food. If I had a child with autism I would consider trying this to lessen the symptoms.

nonmember avatar Melly

There was a study that found the autistic brain had 67% more cells in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Resulting in a "too many cooks in the kitchen" effect with the way the brain functioned. Tell me how diet could possibly change that.

nonmember avatar Kristi

There are so many different levels of autism and they are not all exactly the same. I am not sure how one wouldn't understand food altering brain functions.

Rick Smalley

Pollution is causing autism. But it has to do with Physics, not MSG or food chemicals. This is explained at

nonmember avatar Guesty Guest

Okay, first off, I want to say that I'm very glad that this woman has found a solution that works for her child. This is a very good thing, and I am very happy for them.

HOWEVER, and I come into this as cautiously as I can, maybe the child was never actually Autistic, and is just severely allergic to MSG. From what I've been told about Autism, it's like being on another planet, and your brain is wired differently than someone's without Autism. I highly doubt that the removal of one food/food additive would be able to "completely cure" an Autistic person. That's like telling a bipolar person that their brain would snap to normal if they ate nothing but Omega 3. It doesn't work like that.

At the same time, though, if removing a food from your child's diet helps, then that's what should be done, regardless of what's going on. And removing MSG is harmless enough (and MSG is bad for you anyway), so it's worth a shot for even a little bit of effectiveness. However, saying that it's a definite "cure" for every autistic case ever is a bit much right now.

nonmember avatar Adrien

I have a friend whose child is autistic. Now, he is not cured, but he has made leaps and bounds in progress since him mom cut out all gluten, harmful dyes, and most food additives out of his diet. She works her butt off to make everything he eats either from scratch with pure, organic ingredients, or buys them specially. (he loves to eat raw veggies too which doesn't hurt!). Again, he is not cured, but after six months, he is now talking when before he was not; using the toilet instead of a diaper (he is 5 years old), and much calmer and happier than before. He still has issues but at least now they are making progress. He is in many types of therapy, of course, and goes to a special school, but the improvement is there. To prove how right she is doing, occasionally someone will give him something he is not supposed to eat. she knows it almost instantly by the degradation in his behavior and it takes days to clear it out of his system. usually it's the school that slips him something he is not supposed to have. She has to keep storming in there because they will just feed him all sorts of stuff on party day, or what have you. I think it can't hurt to try! What if a good amount of autistic kids are misdiagnosed and really do just have severe food sensitivities? Not all autistic kids are on the severe end of the spectrum. But this little boy I speak of, I have seen for myself, how much his life is changing. Again, can't hurt!

allie... alliesaurus

I believe that this worked for her. I can see a huge difference in the behavior of ALL children who consume artificial colors and food additives, so I wouldn't doubt to say this would be helpful...but a " cure" is a little strong of a word.

nonmember avatar momof3

Melly - I diet can do wonders ... I have a five yr old on the spectrum and put him on a gf diet and he is growing leaps and bounds don't discredit food intake all kinds of people benefit from different diets

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