10 Red Items That Must Be Banned From Schools Immediately

red penMom. Dad. It has come to our attention that there is a real problem in our schools. I know what you're thinking. Bullies. Kids going hungry. Common Core! Alas, it is none of those. Have you heard of the detrimental effects of teachers using, shudder, RED PEN?

You haven't? Well then! You are about to be schooled in the danger of all things red. See, Mounts Bay Academy over in Jolly Old has forced its teachers to replace their pens with green and purple when they mark up students' worksheets because "red ink was a very negative colour."



Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

WHAT have we been doing to our kids all these years? My God, man, this must be stopped!

In fact, now that I think about it, there's an awful lot of red in my daughter's school. An AWFUL lot of negativity.

Now that the folks at Mounts Bay have opened my eyes, I am on a mission! Pens are NOT enough ... just look at all the things we must get out of our schools because, well, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

All of these are pretty dang serious, but #6 absolutely must go. NOW!!!

What else do we need to add to the list?


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nonmember avatar london themes

Look at places like bloody America that embrace red as their primary colour. Red, the colour of bloody freedom. It's enough to make you wank your knickers. Good show, stir. Screw America and their love of flipping red. Americans are such flaming bloody wankers all. May they all burn in the flaming bloody red hell of flaming bloody freedom much.

EmilyH87 EmilyH87

My husband is a teacher (high school) and yes, he has actually been told to use green or some other color to mark incorrect answers, not a red pen because it's 'too negative.' His first year he decided to be a smart ass and grade with a red crayon instead. lol

Zenezzy Zenezzy

Schools in America have been doing that since the 90s.  Some have also banned teachers who have '100s or  A" bulletin boards in their rooms b/c some students might feel bad if they don't never get on a board.  

Manth... Manthie717

What about USA's Flag..it's red white and blue? Are the teachers/principals going to demand that the American Flag stop being flown because of the negativity of the Red Stripes???? What about children with red hair..are the parents going to have to subject their kids to color changes just because genetics have made them red-heads???? This about all the red that is in this country as well as other countries. This has got to be one of the stupidest things I have heard lately.

nonmember avatar courtney

I'm in my last semester of nursing school (you know, with adults) and the teachers aren't allowed to grade in red because some of the students complained to the director.

nonmember avatar Mamarazzi

They came up with this 15 years ago when I was in high school. Not new news.

Organ... Organizedchaos8

So, how long before green becomes the negative color if it is to replace red as the new grading color? LOL at the slide show, I would totally dig a Valentine's party with black hearts :-D

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