Co-Sleeping with Big Kids

Over in Baby Buzz, Cafe Suzanne put up a great post about the danger of co-sleeping with kids under 6 months. I think I'm well past those concerns, but what I do want to know about is co-sleeping with big kids. Not a week goes by in my house without one of my boys ending up in our bed. In fact "our" bed is just a figure of speech. The bed clearly belongs to every human in the house.


At, an early childhood development expert warns against co-sleeping with older kids. "I would suggest that parents who wish to let older children sleep with them, consider the message that they send to their children. Why do children want to sleep with their parents? Children are saying, "I need you for everything. I need you to get me dressed, to feed me, to take me places and to….sleep," she writes.

"The parent, by saying yes, says to the child, "That's right, you do. You can't do it alone. You will always need me to help you, even during the night. Twenty-four hours a day, I will be there.""

But the other thing the expert argues (which I get totally, no matter how much easier said than done it is), is that co-sleeping with big kids is generally not great for parents either. Turns out, we need our grown-up time, our intimate time, our rest.

Do your kids sleep in your bed?

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