6 Cute Kid-Friendly Easter Crafts

Jeanne Sager | Apr 5, 2014 Big Kid
6 Cute Kid-Friendly Easter Crafts

bunny bookmarksSo the kids are on spring break, and you're wondering what the heck you're going to do with them day after day? Time to break out the crafts and get them busy! And what better way to pass their time off school away then by making bunnies and chicks for to help you decorate the house for Easter?

Yup, that's right, Easter's hopping our way, and thank goodness for crafty mom bloggers everywhere because your kids can turn Peeps into taste treats and wine corks into cute little chicks.

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We've rounded up our favorite Easter DIY from the blogosphere, and good news -- every single one is kid-friendly! There's a lot to do before the bunny gets here, so let's get started!

How would your family make use of #5?


Image via That's What We Said

  • 6 Easter Crafts for the Kids

  • Peeps Pops


    Image via Meet Kristy

    Got a kiddo who loves to help out in the kitchen? Then these Jellybean-Tailed Peeps Pops from Meet Kristy will be hard for them to resist. They take some help from Mom, but with just four ingredients, they're a snap to whip together!

  • Easter Bunny Treat Cups


    What's better than a cute craft for the kids? A cute craft that they can actually use! These Bunny Treat Cups from Shaken Together Life aren't just adorable -- you can fill them up with their favorite Easter treat, and send them off to nosh.


  • Paper Straw Carrot


    Image via Keeping It Simple

    How's this for a colorful art project kids can do easily? Keeping It Simple had the, well, simple idea to make Paper Straw Carrots that are adorable for Easter ... or a great gift for a gardener in the family!


  • Bunny Bookmarks


    If you've got a little reader, they could always use another bookmark. So how about one with a silly grin and buck teeth? These Bunny Bookmarks from That's What We Said only require five items to make, and the kids will have a blast!

  • Milk Jug Easter Bunnies


    Image via Frugal and Fun Mom

    Need a new Easter basket for the kiddos? Why not let them make it! This Milk Jug Easter Bunny from Frugal and Fun Mom does triple duty -- recycles an old milk jug, serves as a basket for their goodies, and then turns into an adorable planter.


  • Wine Cork Easter Chicks


    Image via Sassy Dealz

    Let's face it -- if there's something moms probably have in excess, it's wine corks. So put 'em to good use! These adorable Wine Cork Chicks from Sassy Dealz are a fun and perfect for the season.

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