10 Good Reasons to Volunteer in Your Kid's Class (No, Really! Especially #3!)

I volunteered in Evan's kindergarten class yesterday. No, not out of the kindness of my heart, but because they asked me to and I couldn't think of an excuse quickly enough. But it turns out, despite my feelings on other people's kids, my time there wasn't all bad. Some parts of the morning were actually kind of nice.

So, for any other non-kid loving parents, or for myself next time I'm dreading the duty, here are some reasons that volunteering isn't only for the other mothers ...


1. You get to be in their classroom for a reason other than poor listening or a failed test.

2. You get a little more appreciation for the crap masterpieces your kid brings home day after day, which you normally mindlessly sneak to the recycling bin.

3. That kid who picks on your son? It's perfectly understandable to trip him while you're there.

4. And the one who you think is just the sweetest ever, but your child insists is a nasty meanie? You get to see that for yourself, too.

5. You get to throw around phrases like, "When I was volunteering at school today" and "The teacher told me ..."

6. You'll feel a little less guilt the next time your kid doesn't remember to do homework or return the library book on time.

7. You get proudly shown off for a change instead of hushed or hidden from.

8. It's really nice to see your kid in his or her day to day element and you may even learn something new about them.

9. You get to see what they're really eating from their lunches.

10. Finally, you get to appreciate how very awesome YOUR kid is compared to every other kid in the room.


Image via Scary Mommy

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