Why My Husband Isn't Allowed to Buy Clothes for Our Daughter

“I think the ladies will be impressed by my style sense,” President Barack Obama confidently said at a Gap store, where he picked out sweaters for his daughters and a workout jacket for wife Michelle. I must say, Obama made some good choices, but he is the PRESIDENT of the United States; he is responsible for trying to make LOTS of good choices every single day. It's safe to say that he can be trusted in making fashion choices for his girls.

But you know which man I don't trust to dress his daughter?

My husband.

(Honey, if you are reading this, I'm so sorry, it's nothing personal, but you are a boy and just don't know how to dress a little girl.)

I love fashion, I love clothing, and I especially love apparel made for little girls. There are so many fabulous options out there, from cute party dresses to adorable tunics and jeans. I tend to dress my daughter in pieces from smaller designers or I pick up pieces from limited-edition lines from Target or H&M. The last time my husband bought a piece of clothing for our daughter, he bought a Perry the Platypus shirt. Yes, we all love Phineas and Ferb, but the characters belong on our TV, not on her T-shirts. Then there was the ill-fitting dress and the skirt that looked more like it was made for Holly Hobbie circa 1983. Yeah, dressing our daughter really should be left to me.

I asked a few fellow moms whether they let their husbands dress their kids, particularly their daughters. "No way," replied one. "Every time he does buy her something, I end up returning it." Another said, "He can't even buy his OWN clothes, let alone clothing for our kids!"

This got me thinking, how many dads successfully buy clothing for their kids? Are there many men able to make style decisions for their children that everyone likes? Now, the operative word here is "style." If your kids dress in purely utilitarian ways -- jeans, t-shirt, sneakers -- then this is less of an issue. But if the child is a fashionista in training (like my own 8-year-old) or if the mother has strong opinions about how she wants her kids to be dressed (like me), then having dad buy clothes will be an issue.

Obama picked out some good basic pieces for his girls. This is something other fathers can learn from. Go with something safe and basic -- unless you are familiar with fashion and trends. Do it for your daughters! Otherwise, just leave it to us moms.


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virgo... virgoariesmama

Haha my hubby is only allowed to dress our girls in outfits picked out by me he picked me up from work one day and my youngest 3 was in mismatched pj's and had bedhead I got off work at 5 and she don't take naps

2baby... 2babymomma

My hubby likes to let our daughters pick their own clothes with a little help and they always look cute the only thing he isn't good at its checking to make sure the bottoms and tops are the same size

nonmember avatar Tanya

I always dress our daughter be because when her dad does she's all sorts of missing matched! Oh and my mom well all I can say is she tries lol. One of my favorite stores is crazy 8 but I buy from all different places to get the right pieces for her wardrobe.

Bruic... Bruickson

The only time my husband dresses my daughter in matching clothes is if I lay them out the night before lol. Once, when I was sick, he managed to find a pair of her old jeans folded up in the top of her closet and put them on her. They were boot cut and so short they came up to her knees. He said he thought that was the way they were suppose to look and actually took her out wearing them while I slept. Completely clueless!

Happy... Happydad73

Yet we will spend hours and hours playing legos and dolly dress up and taking them to the park and helping them learn to ride bikes and playing catch and teaching them how to fish and change a tire and..... your complaint is rather petty.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

My husband and I share opinions on how little girls should be dressed. I can absolutely trust him to pick out appropriate clothes.

More importantly, who cares? Anyone who sees my daughter and is concerned that she isn't fashionable needs to take a hard look at their own life and priorities.

nonmember avatar Desiree

This is silly. Who cares what little girls wear so long as it fits, is age appropriate, and not full of holes. My daughter has a Perry the platypus shirt because SHE likes it, not because I like it. Dwelling too much on what they are wearing and poopooing what dad may have picked out places too high an importance on appearances. We choose function over fashion in our house, although we are one if the utilitarian families you talk about. Things would likely be different if our daughter was concerned at all about fashion. But it would still be her picking out her own clothes. Sometimes she picks out stuff that doesn't match, but I leave it up to her, since she's the one who will be dressing her own body for the rest of her life anyway.

nonmember avatar Hollie_Anne

My husband absolutely loves to dress our 16 month old and our three year old niece that lives with us. I work nights so I usually sleep when they are all getting ready but every now and then when I am up with them and TRY to dress them, he says no, I will do it, I love dressing them......and he actually pretty good at it.

Megan... MeganJune03

My husband dresses our daughter all the time.  There are times when I am up before him and its just easier for me to put her clothes out.  The only thing he doesn't do, is fix her hair. he will brush it but I am in charge of bows and all that other.  I usually buy the clothes for her. He will buy her clothes sometimes.  I like character shirts (not the shoes though).  She has superman, super girl, MLP, batman, avengers, capt America and so forth.

I think its pretty silly that women cant trust their husbands to dress their kids.  They have clothes on, so what's the big deal?

Nelli... NellieKane

My husband does a fine job dressing our daughter and picking out clothes for her. He does tend to find the pink sports apparel with the emblem of his favorite team, but that's fine with me. I'm the one that puts her in guitar t-shirts and Chucks. She will find her own style soon enough.

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