5-Year-Old Forges Mom’s Signature & Gets 1 Thing Hilariously Wrong

5-year-old forged signature mommySomeone's career in crime is off to a shaky start. You have to see this adorable photograph posted on Reddit. A crafty 5-year-old forged her mom's signature, but she got one crucial detail wrong: She signed it "Mommy." Psst. Kid. Imma let you in on a little secret. That's not how "Mommy" signs her name. See, she has this other name. Maybe you've heard Daddy use it?

"Nailed it," the 5-year-old's mommy wrote on Reddit. Ha! So cute. I especially love the little hearts below. She really loves this person whose name she's forging!

5-year-old forged signature mommy

Isn't it funny that the girl is savvy enough to think of faking her mom's signature on something (now I'm dying to find out what it is), but she hasn't figured out that she should have used her mom's first and last name? I mean, how long in a kid's life does that phase last? Months? This little moment here is kind of magical.

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And when do kids arrive at that realization, anyway -- that realization that your parents have other names, and that there are other kids with people they call "Mommy" as well. It's kind of mind-blowing for them, I'm sure.

Anyway, regardless of the child's criminal intent (kidding, I'm KIDDING about that!) I must point out that her printing is impeccable. As a mommy myself, I'm quite impressed by this kindergartener's careful work. I'd be hard pressed to write so neatly. I think I'd have to frame forgery, if I were this Mommy.

When did your kids realize you have a first and last name -- other than "Mommy" or "Daddy"?


Image via Lisa831/Reddit

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Wyatt... WyattsMom772

omg! That is so funny and cute!!!

Nicole Sprung

My daughter who is 21 now, had a note sent home for her dad to sign, she signed his initials in chalk. LOL


Vanessa Fasanella

Nice! My daughter forged her father's signature last month. In pencil, but perfectly. And she's five. So we are a little worried.

Heather Eldred

When my son was in the second grade he wrote a note that I found in his back pack so I sent it to the teacher with a note from telling her about it. It said to please excuse him from school for ever signed *his name*'s mom!  She has kept it to this day (he is now in 5th grade) on the wall by her desk (and she has since changed schools) and says she looks at it when ever she is having a bad day.


nonmember avatar Hannah

When I was in first grade I forged my fathers signature as "Dad."

Nanna... Nannaof18

When my 3 year old granddaughter gets mad at me she uses my first and last name just to make me mad what she doesn't know is I make her mad just so she will say it because it's funny lol

huntn... huntn_momma2010

My 7 year old forged my initials to his reading folder when I was sick and I told him I would sign his folder when I got up apparently I wasn't fast enough because he signed it when I was asleep for a few minutes.

mstas... mstasha210

My 7 year old also forged my initials on her homework calendar but she said, "Oh you forgot to sign my homework yesterday, I'll do it" then proceeded to write my initials just like I do.  It was innocent but I had to explain why she couldn't do that lol.

badas... badaskmom

I was in 3rd grade a forged my mom's name. It was my first bad grade I have ever gotten and I was so scared. My teacher didn't by it. I thought I was pretty cleaver because I copied it over her signature that was already written in her check book. My teacher took me to the office and called my mom. What I didn't know is that my mom said she did sign it. She told me years later that if I signed it she knew it had been bad. My teacher didn't believe my mom. She grabbed my arm and shook me. I was in 3rd grade and scared. So I told her. I didn't tell my mom because I knew I was in trouble for forging her name. It wasn't until 7th grade the topic came up that that I found out my mom went with the story. Then I told her what happened after the phone call. My mom flipped out. She couldn't believe she touched me, especially since she told her she did it and called me a liar, which I did lied. My mom was just furious the fact she grabbed and the fact that everyone in the office saw and said nothing to her. I would say it was probably one of the times I saw her the maddest. I look back and I know now why after that moment she was so nice to me. She didn't want me to say anything. I will tell you something though it was also the only moment I was ever scared of teacher no matter how nice to me. I however never forge after that.

pmcca... pmccauley

We always forged my dads signature (with his permission) and still do to this day. He hates signing stuff and he just signs with a scribble anyways.

But my stepdaughter calls me By my first name and my other kids started picking up on it and let me tell you the first time my 3 year old called me by my first name I just about had a heart attack. We had to have the whole my name is mommy talk.

My dh's ex had their daughter calling him by his first name just to hurt him. His ex kept telling him that she shouldn't call him daddy because he was never around because he was on active duty in the army and he could only come home every 6 months and he thought flying her across the country to visit him would be too hard on her (she was only 18 months-3 years old at the time)

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