These Girls Want You to Stop Calling Them the 'B-Word' (VIDEO)

little girlHow many of you have ever called your daughter the "B-word"? No, not that B-word, the other one: Bossy. It seems kind of cute, right? We all have our own little "bossy boots" running around the house.

The problem is, especially as girls grow up, being "bossy" is looked at as a bad thing. Yet we should be celebrating the traits that make our daughters (and ourselves) "bossy" ... confidence, imagination, assertiveness, ambition, independence, you get the gist.

Calling girls bossy is one of many things we do to discourage them from leading. Studies show that by middle school, fewer girls than boys believe they can be leaders. (No coincidence that girls are called "bossy" while boys are called "leaders.") Don't just take it from us -- listen to what girls themselves are saying.

We talked to the girls in our lives about what they think of the word "bossy" and what they'd rather be called. Here's what they had to say:

Please join The Stir in taking the “I will #banbossy” pledge and support LeanIn.Org and Girl Scout of the USA's 'Ban Bossy' campaign.

Ask the girls in your life what they'd rather be called and tweet, "I'm not bossy. I'm _____ #BanBossy @The_Stir @LeanInOrg @GirlScouts." Take part too, moms, and tell us what you'd rather be called.

All the young leaders in your life will thank you. 

Learn more about the Ban Bossy Campaign: Ban Bossy Campaign Wants to Change the World for Little Girls

Have you ever called your daughter bossy? Does this change how you think?



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Traci... Traci_Momof2

I've called my oldest son "bossy".  Does that count?  FTMP, he is bossy with his younger brother.  I tell him to stop being so bossy, let Mommy and Daddy do the parenting.  I always thought "bossiness" was a birth order thing - not a gender thing.  {{shrugs}}

Elaine Cox

but can we still call the boys bullies?...


I'm all for empowering but frankly I thought I was going to see the word "baby" which I understand young ones not wanting to be in that particular camp but bossy? Could not see the video,only the ad would play.

the4m... the4mutts

Lmfao!! This is the dumbest thing I have read in weeks.

Bossing, and leading are 2 COMPLETELY different things, and I am not going to raise bossy little assholes. Children can be taught to be assertive, leaders, proud, and secure with themselves, without being taught that being a jerk is okay.

LEADERS take other's feelings and opinions into consideration. LEADERS are assertive and outspoken with their ideas, in a respectful manner. BOSSY kids, are just brats that want their own way, and straight to hell with how anyone else feels.

No, I will not stop telling any of my children to stop being bossy when they slip up with it.

can_c... can_can21

Interesting how people are more concerned about the word bossy than the b-word for mother dog. I find the latter more offensive than the first. Nothing wrong with being bossy!

Rando... Randomlady

I agree with the4mutts, "bossy" and "leader" are 2 different things. Being told they are bossy does not mean it is going to cause harm to them when they get older, heck even the campaign doesn't make sense they take a celebrity who was called bossy as a child and try to make it sound like it did her any harm. Boys can still be bossy right? We are only concerned about girls hearing it... So many issues.

NicoleFW NicoleFW

I think this is awesome!

Todd Vrancic

But girls who are assertive, leaders, proud, secure in their self-image, etc., are more often called bossy than boys with those same qualities.

Tina Goff

Being bossy is not being a 'leader'.  Being bossy is self centered to the detriment of others.  It's essentially 'running over' someone or 'forcing' someone, and not caring about how they think, feel or what they want.  

There really is a difference, so either people are using the word bossy wrong, or they are praising and fostering a rude behavior in their child.  

A leader knows how to be fair, when to step back and let someone else take charge. A leader also knows that their decisions should be for the good of everyone in the group or team, not just themselves.

TheSi... TheSilence

Seriously? There were girls in my school that were bossy and annoying. I was glad when they were called on their bossy behavior.

It's annoying to the people who aren't bossy to be continuously bossed around, told what to do and how to do it and to be treated like I should have to accept it.

So nope, bossy kids should get called out on bossy bahavior. It is a negative thing.

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