Second Grader's Brilliant 'Secrets to Success' Should Be Taught in College

Out of the mouths of babes. Sometimes it seems that little kids already know all of the secrets of life and contain within their little heads all of the wisdom they will ever need. Of course, it doesn't seem that way when they're shoving peas up their nose, but when they're not doing things like that, they can be little geniuses! Sadly, as kids grow into adults -- well, that's when all that inborn wisdom starts to leak out of their brains. So it's a good thing one second grader is saving his brilliance for posterity. He already knows pretty much everything he will need to have a long, healthy, and successful life. Check it out:


second grade secrets to success

Seriously, is that not everything a human being needs to know?

Listen to your teachers -- or, at least when you get older, to those wiser than you. At least listen. You don't have to do everything everyone tells you, but be open. You might learn something.

Listen the first time. Husbands! Hello! How much home strife could be avoided if you just put your socks in the hamper the first time you were asked?

Concentrate on your work. Put forth your best effort in work and life.

Make good choices. Wow. Most of us could be reminded of this occasionally. Maybe daily.

Don't show your "privite" parts! Dude! High five. So true. How I wish guys would learn this one. And with technology, they could really stand to be reminded of this lesson. I mean how many times have you met a guy for two seconds only to suddenly get a text-ticle? Yeah, guys love to show you their privates.

And, hey, this goes for women too. There's really no need for the "accidental" nip slips and crotch flashes. Ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt never "forgot" to wear underwear.

Kudos, second grader. Just give this kid his diploma!

What do you think of his secrets to success?


Images via kjarrett/Flickr & lcceez/Reddit

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