Kissing Your Kids on the Lips: Jessica Alba Does It, Do You?

Jessica Alba recently learned some shocking news: Not all parents kiss their kids on the lips! In a recent interview with Redbook, the 32-year-old actress and mom of two opened up about her home life -- including how she and hubby Cash Warren show affection for their kids.

Apparently for little Honor, 5, and Haven, 2, puckering up for mom is a normal part of life. Alba said that she was surprised to learn that some parents don’t kiss their kids on their mouths. “Really? Why?!” she exclaimed. “It’s your baby. People allow dogs to lick at their mouths.”

Side note: I have never understood the appeal of letting a dog lick your mouth. But to each their own, I suppose.

Anyway, I think it’s kind of out of touch to claim ignorance that some people are opposed to parents kissing their children on the lips. I mean, look at the controversy Will and Jaden Smith caused last summer when he just pretended to kiss his son on the lips!

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But then again, people have very different ideas on the social acceptability of kissing your children on the mouth. Personally, I kissed my babies on their perfect little lips all the way until they were up to about five or six. Mostly just because when they were toddlers they did that adorable thing where they hold your cheeks in their hands and go in for a kiss. It made up somewhat for the naptime tantrums.

Yet others are totally opposed to kissing babies and toddlers on the mouth at all. And I think we can all probably agree that a 26-year-old locking lips with his mom is going to have us re-telling the tale over a bottle of wine with girlfriends and lots of Norman Bates references.

At what age do you think parents should knock off the kissing their kids on the lips business?

Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram

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nonmember avatar blue

I don't personally kiss on the lips with my child. In my opinion, kissing on the lips is a form of romantic intimacy. If other people want to, whatever...I just think it's weird.

adamat34 adamat34

My babies my buisness I kiss mine on the lips who cares, people that worry about this need something better to do

Frost... FrostyMelted

Stop worrying about what other people do with their kids.

Jamer... Jamers546

Not kissing your children on the lips is weird to me. I don't think it's considered only a form of intimacy, an I've never thought twice about doing it. Maybe it's because that's how I was brought up? Just seems normal especially given the fact that the love for my children is the strongest type i have if you wanna say it that way. I would however think it was awkward if one was still kissing their children on the lips at the ages of say 11/12 and above. I don't remember the exact age it switched, but I do know at 25, it's been YEARS since I've kissed my mother on the lips. Hugs and cheek kisses are what we've done forever now. I don't know, to me I feel bad for these poor children who are being robbed of their parents love. OK that was dramatic I admit, but I really just don't see it wrong or disgusting and I just asked my husband as well. He says he's never thought twice about it and intimate kissing is more than just a peck on the lips to show your children you love them. But hey, to each their own. My family sees it as normal :-)

Tiffa... TiffanyMarie80

It's completely normal for my family- and extended family- to hug and kiss each other on the lips for hello, goodbye, and good nights- I'm a grown woman who has never thought twice about giving my parents and grandparents a peck on the lips, and the gesture is far from romantic or intimate.

nonmember avatar blue

LOL...robbed of their parents love? How many dozens upon dozens of ways, do parents show their love every single day? It's not like a child will grow up and resent the fact their parent didn't kiss their lips. If they are loved, it will NOT matter if they have never been lip kissed by a parent. Good lord.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

We definitely don't kiss our kids on the lips, not going to lie that just freaks me out a lot. We kiss on the cheeks, nose, forehead etc. and teach our kids that lips are for when you're older and you've met a special guy / girl to do that with.

as for that robbing kids of their parents love comment.....seriously!? I fail to understand how that even processes as a logical statement through your brain. My kids get a lot of love with out any lip touching involved.

nonmember avatar Adrien

My kid sucked on my boobs and came out of my vagina, that is about as "intimate" as you can get. So yeah, I kiss my little darling on the lips. It's not like it's a romantic or long, lingering tongue kiss. It's a peck, really.

balan... balancing-act

Wow I never realized this was controversial. Yes I kiss my kids on the lips. All the time. And I kiss my parents on the lips. My kids kiss their grandparents on the lips. I guess we're just more comfortable with physical contact. A kiss isn't necessarily sexual. Oddly my brother and I don't kiss but I've never thought about it we just don't. Must be instinct or something.

Traci... Traci_Momof2

You know, I never really thought about it before but I think I just assumed that all parents kissed their young kids on the lips.  It's never, ever occurred to me to think of my lips as for my romatic partner only.  I guess it just depends on how a person was raised.  My mom would kiss me on the lips every night when she tucked me into bed.  She did that at least until I was 10 years old.  I don't remember for sure when it stopped.  Somewhere between 10 and high school.  LOL

I kissed both my kids on the lips when they were young.  So did my husband.  My oldest son, around age 5 he decided he didn't want lips anymore, he wanted forehead.  So I've been kissing him on the forehead ever since.  My youngest son, he is now 7 yo and still kisses on the lips.  He kisses me on the lips and he kisses DH on the lips.  I'll let him decide when he's too old to be kissed on the lips by his mother anymore.  I'm sure it will happen before he reaches HS.

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