Paper Dresses Made by 4-Year-Old ​Are Jaw-Droppingly Spectacular (PHOTOS)

angie keiserPhotographer Angie Keiser and her 4-year-old daughter, who's nicknamed Mayhem, like doing what many moms and toddler girls like doing: Playing dress-up. But Angie and Mayhem are different. See, they don't play dress-up with grandma's old clothes or dresses they found at a thrift store. They play dress-up with paper. And it's amazing.

Over the past few months, Keiser has been showing off photos of her adorable daughter modeling dresses they crafted together using tape and paper on her Instagram feed, @2sisters_angie, and wow! If these amazing creations don't make you feel uncreative, I don't know what will.

These outfits, which are inspired by movies, books, and field trips, are truly unbelievable, and Keiser said, "Cutting and taping paper is about all we do." (Whaaaa?!)

Check out the amazingly beautiful paper dresses made by Angie Keiser and her daughter, Mayhem.


Image via Angie Keiser/Instagram

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