Father Spies on Son & Discovers What an Amazing Human Being He Is

happy animals clubEver get an inkling your kid is up to something? It's not clear exactly what, but you know that he is hiding a secret of some sort from you? That is what one curious dad suspected when every day for two weeks his young son would take long walks without revealing where he was going. The man wondered what in the world his child was doing. What he discovered will bring you to tears.

Each day, his 9-year-old son Ken was loading up his backpack with leftover food and scraps so that he could feed the starving stray dogs in their neighborhood in the Philippines. The poor pooches were so used to the boy's kindness, they would approach him as soon as they saw the child coming.

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They were a motley lot of dogs -- dirty and appearing to be suffering from mange (a disease caused by parasitic mites). But that didn't deter the boy, who fed them pizza and whatever else he could scrounge together. He wanted to help these defenseless, abandoned creatures. Most people would run the other way if they saw these dogs approaching. Even the father admits, he'd always been pretty disgusted by them. That perspective, however, changed after witnessing his son's extraordinary act of kindness toward them. "He doesn’t have my prejudice and paranoia I guess," the dad told a reporter. "I was blown away when I saw that little zombie pup do a hi-five again and again."

Now the father gives the son dog food to take to the strays and plans to get their mange treated. Their hope? People will start taking them in. In fact, the little boy one day hopes to have his own animal shelter. He started the website HappyAnimalsClub.com to chronicle the plight of these poor animals. It's such a heartwarming story.

Often times, the youth that get the most attention are the ones doing things that leave us shaking our heads in disapproval or disgust. But this is a reminder of the amazing care and kindness they take upon themselves to show others. Any parent would be proud to learn their child had such a big heart.

What's the most surprising act of kindness you've witnessed your child doing?


Images via HappyAnimalsClub.com

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abra819 abra819

If I was this kid, I would give him the biggest fucking hug he couldn't breath. There's something to say about people who are kind to animals. Way to go buddy.

abra819 abra819

and your getting a donation on payday sweetie


CLM3345 CLM3345

What a little sweetie! Good for him. 

starl... starlight1968

ty what a sweet story..

After seeing a bit on tv about a girl that was getting a wig of real hair (she'd lost it from cancer) my sweetpea wanted to go right then and cut her beautiful long blond hair so that another little girl could have hair... I squeezed her sooo tight and off we went.... I was so proud of her (she was 10 yo).

nonmember avatar Alexandra

What a nice kid! Great story, we need to see more good in humanity.

Felip... FelipesMom

How nice, thank you for posting this! I hope they also get the dogs spayed and neutered (I'm sure they will)! Gotta love the ways children inspire us, right? :o)

the4m... the4mutts

That is a lovely story. It's always heartwarming when kids decide, on their own, to do something that is worthy of praise.

My 10 yr old son, and 7yr old daughter are both growing out their hair for the children's version of locks for love (I never can remember the name of the organization, but I know where the salon is that donates to them)

It started when my husbands hairdresser cousin showed up with a shaved head. My kids asked her why it was shaved (without judgment, they've seen all manner of my funky hairstyles, done by this same cousin) and she told them her hair was damaged from dyes, and wanted to start fresh, so she could grow out hair to donate for children's wigs.

After hearing more about it, they both demanded that I ONLY trim their hair, no more cuts, because they wanted to do it as well.

Tasha Hawthorne

my daughter now 14 has donated to locks of love twice and is currenty growing her long again to do so i am a proud parent!

hello... hellokd87

I can imagine this is going to be my son one day! At least I hope so!!

nonmember avatar cc

What a good, little man! I'm glad his father is so proud of him.

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