6 Clever St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids​

Jeanne Sager | Mar 8, 2014 Big Kid
Image: Giggle Galore

st patricks rainbow candy push up pops pushups
Giggle Galore

It's almost St. Patrick's Day! Are the kids ready? Mine has been drafting ideas for a bigger and better leprechaun trap for weeks now, and there's glitter and glue as far as the eye can see. There's nothing that gets a crafty's kids creative juices flowing quite like a holiday. I should know -- I'm the mom of a kid who hasn't met a glue stick she couldn't use down to the nubbin. 

Got a kiddo who is dying to get their craft on or a group of kids in need of a festive activity this March 17th? Good! Because we've rounded up some of the coolest St. Patrick's day crafts for little leprechauns, created by several crafty moms who really know their stuff. All of them are easy enough for kids to make with a little supervision from an adult. 

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From pretty rainbow cards and leprechaun bookmarks to shamrocks made from coffee filters (yes! and they're really cool, too!) to colorful push pops that let kids taste the rainbow, there's a fun St. Patrick's Day project in here for every age group. Check out the lineup and find the perfect St. Paddy's craft for kids. 

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  • Rainbow 'Push Pops'


    The adults can stick to corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day, but the kids want to taste the rainbow. Mom Mariah of Giggles Galore came up with these rainbow "push pops" for a colorful (and yummy) St. Patrick's Day treat. They're easy to put together with her directions ... just so long as you can keep the kiddos from eating the ingredients!

  • Leprechaun Place Card Holder


    How festive can your family's St. Patrick's Day dinner be? As festive as the imagination can take it ... or the imagination behind Life in Wonderland! She made this sweet little leprechaun hat place card holder out of a flower pot! Something tells me the kids would have plenty of uses for this after dinner's done, too!

  • Lucky Shamrock Wands


    Help the kiddos spread the luck o' the Irish with some magical wands! These sweet little shamrock wands from Smart School House will help the kids practice their tracing and scissors skills, and then they'll have a ball casting "spells" and spreading magic!

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  • Leprechaun Thumbprint Bookmarks


    I have to admit I'm a sucker for any craft that preserves something of my little girl, and these leprechaun bookmarks make use of your kiddo's itty bitty fingerprints! Plus, they're actually useful! Such a sweet idea from Sweet and Lovely Crafts -- who has the skinny on how to make them!

  • Catch a Rainbow Cards


    Among the many, many things my daughter has taught me is that EVERY holiday (and plenty of non-holidays) should be marked with a card. So how about these sweet rainbow cards from mom Gina of Willow Day? A great way for the kids to practice their cursive (and get good and messy).