This Hot Toy Trend Could Make Mom's Life a Whole Lot Easier

Suzee Skwiot | Feb 19, 2014 Big Kid
This Hot Toy Trend Could Make Mom's Life a Whole Lot Easier

Tech updates are all the rage right now, so it's no surprise that some of the hottest new toys on display at the 2014 Toy Fair feature smartphone and tablet capabilities. So instead of grumbling that technology has destroyed playtime, or that kid-friendly gadgets are harmful, let's embrace the new developments that will make everyone's lives so much easier.

Let's face it, we live in a high tech world. These days, most kids can use iPads before they even start school (anyone remember the viral video of a baby trying to use a magazine as a tablet?), so integrating them into playtime seems like a natural next step. And yes, the risks might be real, but under controlled circumstances and in limited doses, tablet usage and smartphone capabilities are beneficial. Plus, they make games so much more fun!

So come on, Mom! Can we get these? Pleeeeeeease! Number four could really save your sanity!

Would you let your kids use any of these new toys?

  • WikiBear


    Like a Siri for kids, WikiBear learns all about you, answers questions, and remembers to ask you how you're doing. So, instead of having to answer all of your kids' questions (like "what happened to the dinosaurs?" and "when is my favorite show on?"), just deflect to WikiBear. With a Bluetooth-enabled chip, the plush toy can easily scan the Internet for the answer to basically any question.

  • OzoPath


    Image via Ozobot

    The OzoPath strategy game combines the tiny little robot with the technology of a tablet. While following the lines drawn on a tablet screen, or later shifting onto the actual physical gameboard, the tiny (really, it's about the size of a donut hole) robot scurries along lines while changing speeds, detecting paths, and reacting to colors.

  • Tamagotchi Friends


    Image via Bandai

    While not many things beat the thrill of unpacking a brand new capsule of '90s Tamagotchi (#throwback), Bandai has reinvented its classic toys for a new techy generation. This new version allows kids to connect online to Digital Friends, where they can meet up with their real friends in a virtual Tamagotchi world.

  • Crayola My Virtual Fashion Show


    Image via

    This swanky retro-meets-electronic toy lets kids draw out their own fashions, snap a picture with a smartphone, and watch as Crayola transforms the creation into a live model and runway show.

  • SmartPlane


    Image via SmartPlane

    The German-engineered and built plane has no remote control. Instead, you simply download an app that lets you take charge of the object's flight. Tilt the screen to the side, forward, or any other direction to lead the aircraft. Best of all, it's made with pliable materials so the entire thing is crashproof.

  • SmartGlobe Infinity


    Image via

    The new Oregon Scientific globe includes a wireless Smart Pen that has up-to-date info on the entire world. The Bluetooth connection and online connectivity mean that kids can record their notes on the pen and then access via tablet.

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