6 Creepy New Toys That Will Give Your Kids Nightmares

Vampires are so totally last year. Now, it's all about the monsters, zombies, ghouls, and any other terrifying nightmarish creatures I fear so much. The 111th American International Toy Fair arrived in New York this week and it's showcasing the newest, hottest, and scariest toys that will be coming to shelves this year.

Beware parents, the freakiest new playthings make noises, they crawl up walls, and have more heads and creepy eyes than we can ever possibly imagine. They are literally the stuff from my nightmares horror movies.

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The monster trend has reached countless toy manufacturers. Mattel has come out with new Monster High dolls that have creepy faces and steampunk clothes and Razor scooters can now include creepy, but cute, monster hands on the handlebars.

But there's a slight difference between cute creepy and genuinely terrifying/where's my night light?/brb I just peed my pants, creepy. So check out the most shocking new toys from this year's Toy Fair that are sure to spook even the most brave kids.

Would you buy #4 for a child?

Image via Krypt Kiddies

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Freela Freela

My son will be saving up from the alien toy... he loves those movies.  He is 11, first saw them when he was 9. 

My kids would like the zombie hand... even my 7-year-old likes zombies.

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

The only one that's really freaky is the baby.

Robin Hilliker

None of these are intended for children, all of them except for #4 are intended to be for collectors aka adults 

Todd Vrancic

I think some of these have been out for a while.

Julia Saenz

the sickest thing about this picture is the fact that its next to the article about the dead 7 week old left in the ditch

chigi... chigirl1228

My step daughter would like some of these... like the creepy hand. But my other daughters would freak out lol.

nonmember avatar steph




Prett... PrettyPants

You don't want to come to out house then. We have 3 year old and a 2 month old. Our house is decorated in movie memorabilia. I love, love the Creature! Hubby loves horror films. Our 3 year old thinks it is cool. 

nonmember avatar meghan

I think most of these are meant as collectibles rather than toys for kids. The doll is creepy though :-/. My kids would freaking love the zombie hand! Hell, I want it lol!

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