An Adorable Little Girl's Bedroom You'd Never Guess Was Done on the Cheap

Whenever I see a room with a bounty of thrift store and vintage finds, I cheer that someone lucked out at a tag sale or on Craig's List! And then they go and put it all together beautifully! Take this little girl's bedroom done by Abbey for her daughter (nicknamed Kicky), for example. It looks like it was supposed to be that way all along. You'll want to see more of this homey space, so be sure to scroll through below!


Add a little tulle to a plain metal table and put a ceramic cat lamp on top to get the world's most interesting (and probably beloved) night stand configuration. Most kids I know would go bonkers for a cat lamp -- how lucky is this child to have her very own? The bed used to belong to a great-grandmother. It's so fun to have those kinds of family treasures, don't you think? 

Lots of light and gorgeous hardwood floors. This family lives in an old farmhouse they're currently renovating. Such charm!  

Bookshelves filled with toys and books, and I love the portrait of Susan B. Anthony, which is actually a framed silk-screened shirt. According to mom Abbey, "Every baby girl needs a suffragette in her room." Agreed! 

Vintage samplers collected from Etsy coordinate effortlessly with the rest of this well-loved space. 

I admit, something about this little girl's room makes me want to curl up in an afghan and drink a cup of tea. It's cozy and inviting, which seems like exactly the kind of place you'd want to provide for a child.

If you're an experienced thrifter and treasure-finder like Abbey, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Any good finds you've scored for your kid's room? 

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