A Mother's Moment


photo by Tiera

You know those moments--for some of us they come several times a day, for others only now and then--those moments when the pure joy of motherhood washes over you and nothing else matters? It may only last a second, but in that second you feel nothing but gratitude. For me, sometimes right after a "mother moment" like that, my mind suddenly shifts to a string of insecure thoughts about the future. Will I guide them right? Will they make the right decisions? God, please keep them safe.


I didn't think I was alone in this, but a journal post I read this morning let me know for sure that I wasn't.

"A Mother's Thoughts" by bratmom3: My middle son is 13 today, and as I got his grumpy butt up this morning for school, I realized that I can't get annoyed because he doesn't want to get up on a cold morning. I should appreciate all of his grumpy moments and cherish them because all too soon, he will be leaving his mommy and going out into the cruel world. So now that brings me to wonder if I'm preparing the boys the way they need to be. Hmm. I mean, I bring them up to give before they take, to respect and appreciate, and most of all, to love and be loved! I probably shelter them too much from the evils of the world and that's to protect them, but maybe they do need to be exposed to some of it. I mean, how else will they deal with it when they are out on their own?

It's true, being a mother means constantly rationalizing with yourself. What are your "mother moments?"

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