Scary ‘Kidnap Video’ Shows Not Every Adult Is Willing to Help a Child in Danger

kidnapAll of us would like to think that if our child were in danger, a well-meaning adult would step in to save them. After all, who can turn a blind eye to a defenseless kid being hurt by someone? Sadly, some people just don't want to get involved. This viral video of a child abduction prank proves that frightening fact. Take a look.

In this first scene, the little boy runs up to a guy in a parking lot telling him that he was separated from his mom and that a strange man took him. What does this adult do? Nothing. He doesn't move an inch when a strange man, who the kid is clearly frightened of, comes up and takes him away.

On the positive side, most of the people featured do help this child. They put themselves in harm's way to protect a kid they do not know. That is incredibly heartwarming -- and a relief to many parents, I'm sure. A couple of men were willing to fight the alleged predator and one woman pepper-sprayed him when he wouldn't leave the child alone. Gotta love that.

But what about those that did nothing? A child is pleading, "He's not my dad," and you do nothing? What was going through that man's head? One guy even shakes hands with the "abductor," who managed to convince him that the boy was just playing around about being scared. How could you sleep at night knowing that you potentially let a killer or pedophile take some kid who came up to you for help.

It's an unexpected lesson for us all. We spend so much time teaching our children about stranger danger and what to do if someone tries to take them. But it looks like other adults need to be taught or reminded how to help a kid in a potentially deadly situation. How could you not intervene on behalf of a terrified child? I know it's a scary situation. You have no idea what this person is capable of or what he will do. But if you are scared, imagine how that child feels. It is worth shielding him, calling the police, and figuring out what is really going on. That could save a young life.

Has a child ever come to you for help? What did you do?


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nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I've never been in this situation but I'd like to think I wouldn't ignore the kid if he was in danger. I'm shocked people didn't even flinch. How could somebody do that?

nonmember avatar Amanda

If I saw a child being kidnapped I would call the police end of story! Even if it turned out to be the parents child, if the child is trying so hard to get away there could be a serious reason behind it, I would do whatever it took to get the child to police safely and let them sort out what's happening. If the child was just being a brat the police are also better suited to explain to the child why acting like you are being kidnapped is a bad idea.

Sexym... Sexymom22

If I ever saw a child in trouble I would do whatever I could to help him or her. I find it dispicable that some people would just sit there. What if it was your child?

LawNO... LawNOrderMommy

About three years ago a kid, who ended up being 10, came up to me at a gas station saying he had been abducted. I had been speaking at a school and was still wearing my ACUs, I guess he assumed I would do something. I called the police and when the woman he said took him came up demanding he leave with her I put him into my car, locked the doors and told her that based on what the child had told me I wasn't going to let her leave with him until the police showed up. LO and behold after running background the cops determined she was his mom and his custodial parent. The kid confessed they had been having a fight and wanted to see her get arrested. If the mom hadn't been so understanding I could have been arrested for kidnapping! I will always help a child when something is fishy but I hope that kids who lie about these kinds of things are held responsible both criminally and at home for wasting cops time and lying about something so important. 

nonmember avatar Lena

Some of the people might have been thrown off by the fact that the kid seemed a little too rehearsed. I think the people who responded did more because of the presence and the persistence of the guy, and not because of the kid's "distress." In real life would a kidnapper stick around and try to convince someone he's a kid's dad, or would he just leave when someone got a good look at him and started asking questions?

Graca... Gracalynsmom

I wouldn't have gotten involved either, It looked and sounded rehearsed, and the abductor was to persistent, When the kid said " he has been chasing me all day" i really wouldn't have bought it. also the first guy appeared to be making a call on his cell when they walked away.

Gypsy... Gypsyqueen4life

I think it's hard to base anything on this. The kid didn't seem to be upset or panicked at all.  It seemed very staged, very rehearsed and he was way too  calm for it to be believable. I am sure a few of those people were confused and not very sure of what was going on. He really didn't even protest when the guy came to get him. I hate to say it, but it seemed like the kid was trying to act but didn't act as if he was really in any danger or scared. Honestly, I think in most instances, if a child was distressed, people would get involved.

nonmember avatar Lulu

I was at a childrens' concert this weekend and a little boy (4?) was standing by the door screaming with no adults doing anything about it during the intermission. My husband took him to an usher and about 2 minutes later we saw a frantic woman rushing around and we directed her to her child. I was shocked and disappointed by all of the adults milling around with their child just ignoring this distressed little boy. It honestly made me sick to watch and think 'what if that had been my child?'

ninag... ninag1980

Didnt he also say that was his Dad when asked.  I mean, really, this boy was old enough to speak up if it was a real life situation. 

nonmember avatar Jenn

You know, I realize the intent of this experiment, but they need to be careful. Someone could pull out a gun or knife on the pretend kidnapper, doesn't anyone ever think of that?

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