Kids' Indoor Playground Is Used for Naked Adult Party By Night

Certain things just don't go together. Peanut butter and mayonnaise. Bermuda shorts and suit jackets. Children's indoor playgrounds and adult naked Twister games. Apparently, not everyone agrees with this because some grown men and women thought it would be a splendid idea to throw a "Jungle Gym & Pajama All-Night Dance Party" at Krazy Kidz play facility in New York -- a venue where little kids jump into ball pits and zip down colorful slides by day. According to reports, nude Twister games, Jell-O wrestling, body painting, and pillow fights were enjoyed by all. Needless to say, parents who ordinarily frequent this facility with their young ones are not amused. 


Krazy Kidz addressed parents' complaints by letting customers know via its Facebook page that it allowed adults to rent its space in an effort to cover its regular expenses. The venue claims the party was as innocent as any Halloween costume bash and that a photo of a woman who appeared to be naked at the party was misread -- she was actually wearing a nude body stocking.

Whew. What a relief. Because it isn't just as disturbing to think about a nearly naked woman gyrating on playground equipment!

Krazy Kidz continued to receive quite a few complaints and seemed more apologetic in its latest Facebook post:

I have to admit that the sanitation of the venue is what first popped into my mind when I read this story, and I'm happy they are addressing this concern. Quite a few parents are saying they would never bring their children back to Krazy Kidz, but I kind of feel bad for these folks now. They made a mistake and I highly doubt they'll ever again rent their space to adults searching for a good ol' naked time. 

Now, I've got to ask: why would adults even want to party at an innocent kids' venue like this one? How is this any different than throwing a naked pajama party at a nursery school? It's just weird. Maybe they felt some thrill partying at a place that felt all wrong? I can't help but wonder if any of them are parents themselves. 

Would you take your child back to an indoor playground venue if you found out it had hosted a naked adult party?


Image via Steve Snodgrass/Flickr

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