Fun Day of Sledding Turns Tragic When Little Girl Has Horrifying Accident

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In what has to be one of the most awful freak accidents we've heard about in a while, a 10-year-old girl was impaled while sledding on Monday near her home in Maryland.

Yes -- I said impaled. As in the poor girl was reportedly found "lying on her side on a little slope with a piece of rebar sticking out of her." Believe it or not, she was conscious during the entire time the fire department was trying to free her. When she was taken to the hospital, she still had a six-inch piece of the rebar "hanging out of her."

And wait until you hear this one -- her parents were with her when the incident took place.

It's not like she was out playing in the snow with her friends and they were being careless or anything like that. She was simply sledding with her family and somehow managed to run into the piece of rebar.

Thankfully, she underwent surgery at The Children's Hospital at Johns Hopkins and is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries. But that doesn't change just how terrifying the accident must have been for both her and her parents.

The last thing we expect is for something to happen to our children when we're standing right there. I can't even begin to imagine just how scared and helpless they must have felt after realizing the severity of their daughter's injuries -- all while taking part in an activity that's so seemingly innocent.

And even as far as sledding accidents go, would you ever dream that something as serious as being impaled could happen? We worry about our kids running into a tree or another child -- or if there are cars anywhere nearby, that's a concern as well. But a piece of rebar sticking out of the snow? I know something like that never would have crossed my mind as a possibility.

I'm so happy to hear that this little girl is going to be ok. Her poor parents are certainly counting their blessings and thanking their lucky stars right about now.

Have you ever been nervous about your kids going sledding?


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Taisie Taisie

When I was in third grade something similar to this happened to a classmate of mine. He was actually "impaled" by a relatively big stick when he and his friends were jumping into a very (very!) large pile of leaves. He too required surgery and a hospital stay. I never jumped into leaves ever again after that happened to him, and I never let my children do it either!

nonmember avatar Victoria

I too had a classmate injured while jumping into a pile of leaves... A stick went through his armpit. Never again...

nonmember avatar Tori

Glad she's ok! When I was 8 i had a sledding accident too, I hit a tree. I want impaled, but I was hit in the face and messed up my jaw pretty badly. I could eat solid food for a month, but I healed up without a trace. All my injuries were inside my mouth. My poor mom almost had a heart attack when's it happened, then again when a stranger grabbed me a be ran to his car. Turned out he was a doctor and had a medical kit in his car, so he was a big help! Thanks again strange doctor who's name I don't know :D

nonmember avatar Hman

I was hospitalised 3 times sledding. One required some dental work. never stopped me though. Now as a parent I insist on going over the course to look for stray objects before allowing them to start, but you can't protect them from everything.

nonmember avatar Samantha Bergey

When I was 5 I fell off a sled I was doing the sandwhich and got ran over by a toboggan.

Corrie Nightingale Preston

Every time they sled I get nervous. I was sledding when I was 4 years old and hit a barbed wired fence. I had plastic surgery four times on my eye. Luckily I didn't have any damage to my eye but the top and bottom lids were mangled.

Kelly Walters

Took my daughter sledding when she was about six.  I glanced away for a second and when I looked back I saw a crowd surrounding a prone figure, took me a moment to realize it was my daughter!  As she was pulling her sled back up the hill she walked in front of someone coming down.  It flipped her up and she landed face first on the sled.  She blacked out, had a slight concussion and it rearranged her teeth.

lasombrs lasombrs

Off to goggle what the hell rebar is......

lasombrs lasombrs

Giant metal spike, yikes! Never would have expected that. We sled in areas we know I avoid places with metal like that that tell lows where the road is or where electrical boxes are and what not

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