What Life With Kids Would Be Like if You Lived on a Pinterest Board (PHOTOS)

kids playing rock paper scissorsHave you ever paged through a parenting magazine and looked at the pictures? I mean really looked at the pictures? The fashion magazines tend to take all the heat for presenting unrealistic images to the world (and rightfully so), but let's be honest: stock images of kids are about as far from reality as you can get.

All those siblings singing kumbaya! And the immaculate backseats of those minivans! Most moms only see the former on odd Fridays and even Tuesdays, and as for the latter, well, maybe the day they drove off the dealer's lot?

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had the kids who live in stock photography? Here's your chance to find out.

If #13 happened in my house, I might have a heart attack ... how about you?


Image via Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

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nonmember avatar socalmommy13

This made me laugh especially the brushing hair one . Lmao!

nonmember avatar Jenn

The hair brushing one truly made me LOL! In this house it's typically me chasing my 2 year old through the house repeating over and over, "If you would just hold still, it wouldn't hurt!"

Colleen Newell

Well, some were funny. I laughed about the nailpolish one, for sure. And the clean car.. HAH! Buuut.. I will say that my 2 and 6 year old often cuddle in  chair together, on their own, quite happily. And yeah.. I totally climb into the fort with the kids. I put all that effort into making it, you can bet I'm going to play in too!


bills... billsfan1104

I got all of them, but the funniest one I laughed at was the brushing of the hair.

Both my daughters, did that.

the4m... the4mutts

This was kinda funny, except that MOST of these actually happen at our house. We sit on counters, and put our feet up together. My car is ALWAYS immaculate on the inside, we play in forts together, they share a tablet between the 4 of them, and as long as I set time limits, there is no fighting... my kids make lunches and pour their own drinks, and ALL 4 USE GLASSES. Real ones. Even the 4yr old.

my house is far from perfect, but it's not total chaos either.

This gives me the feeling that you're just poking fun at something you're jealous of not having.

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