What Life With Kids Would Be Like if You Lived on a Pinterest Board (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Feb 6, 2014 Being a Mom
What Life With Kids Would Be Like if You Lived on a Pinterest Board (PHOTOS)

kids playing rock paper scissorsHave you ever paged through a parenting magazine and looked at the pictures? I mean really looked at the pictures? The fashion magazines tend to take all the heat for presenting unrealistic images to the world (and rightfully so), but let's be honest: stock images of kids are about as far from reality as you can get.

All those siblings singing kumbaya! And the immaculate backseats of those minivans! Most moms only see the former on odd Fridays and even Tuesdays, and as for the latter, well, maybe the day they drove off the dealer's lot?

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had the kids who live in stock photography? Here's your chance to find out.

If #13 happened in my house, I might have a heart attack ... how about you?


Image via Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

  • You'd Send Them Out to Play Dressed Like This


    Image via Zero Creatives/cultura/Corbis

    An entire detergent industry would cease to exist.


  • Two Kids Would Share the Same Chair


    Image via Michael Meyersfeld/Great Stock/Corbis

    And no one would take an elbow to the mouth.

  • 5 Kids, 1 iPad


    Image via Ocean/Corbis

    And not a single fight.

  • You'd Catch Them Sitting on the Counters


    Image via Tomas Rodriguez/Corbis

    And you'd calmly drink coffee and chat.

  • You'd All Hang Out With Your Feet on the Table


    Image via Michael Haegele/Corbis

    Miss Manners wouldn't sell a single book ...

  • You'd Totally Climb Into the Blanket Fort


    Image via Hero Images/Corbis

    Instead of worrying over how much extra laundry this was going to create.

  • This Is How You'd React to Your Kid Bouncing on the Bed


    Image via Tim Pannell/Corbis

    The "Five Little Monkeys" song wouldn't exist!

  • She'd Get That Lipstick on Her MOUTH


    Image via Rainer Berg/Westend61/Corbis

    Poor Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser would just sit on store shelves ...

  • They'd Solve Problems Like This


    Image via Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

    Sibling rivalry? Never heard of it.

  • They'd Pack Their Own Lunch & You Wouldn't Have to Double Check


    Image via Glowimages/Corbis

    Candy bars? Mom, please we want more apples!

  • Your Backseat Would Look Like This


    Image via Don Mason/Blend Images/Corbis

    Stains? What stains? And what the heck are crumbs?

  • Hairbrushing = Mommy/Daughter Bonding


    Image via Wavebreak Media Ltd/Veer/Corbis

    With a face like that, she couldn't possibly scream "Owwww, you're hurting me, I hate you!" could she?


  • This Wouldn't Give You a Mini Heart Attack


    Image via Ocean/Corbis

    Because it would turn out just fine. Uh huh.

  • Your Couch Would Survive This


    Image via Scott Stulberg/Corbis

    Without calling in the industrial cleaning company.

  • Toddlers + Glass Pitcher Full of Liquids = No Biggie


    Image via Ryan Benyi/cultura/Corbis

    What? You see him covered in sticky juice and her with a shard of broken glass in her thumb? You're not thinking like a stock image mom!

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