The 12 Stages Moms Go Through on Snow Days (PHOTOS)

momIf you don't live somewhere that's typically warm and sunny year-round, oh my god this winter sucks! It seems like every week, there's a snowstorm that's worse than the last -- and a snowstorm that cancels school yet again.

It's great to be able to be home with the kiddos, but when you're going on day three of being house-bound, and everyone is starting to turn on each other, for the love of all that is holy, you just want the weather to clear up and school to start again. Is that so much to ask?!

Here are the 12 stages moms go through on snow days.

At first, you're like, "Woo-hoo! Snow day! This is going to be awesome! Playing in the snow, hot cocoa, baking cookies ..."


And at first, it is awesome. Everyone sleeps in; you have a lazy morning.

kittens cuddling

You do a little sledding.


You have a warm and toasty lunch.


And then, at around 2 or so, you're like:


You encourage your kid to play with his favorite toy, but he's having none of it.


You try to think of something new to do, but, oh my god, you're so tired! You just want to take a nap, maybe surf the 'net for a bit.


Everyone's starting to turn on one another.


You glance at your phone and realize it's going to snow again tomorrow.


You wonder if there's time to run to the liquor store.


You decide, "Ah, screw it," and then you get on your knees and say a prayer to the weather gods for some mercy.


And then you search the back of your fridge for some wine.

wine gif

Are you sick of the snow already?!


Image via Morgan David de Lossy/Corbis

being a mom


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colts14 colts14

This winter SUCKS!!! We're expecting yet ANOTHER snowstorm and are on a no unecessary travel advisory. I think it's groundhog season. Why did that asshole have to see its shadow?

Elizabeth Lamar

I live in Oregon. We haven't had any snow. It snowed yesterday briefly, but nothing stuck. I wish it would snow!! At least a little bit.


we had 15 days, 15 freaking days called off in a row because of snow/temps, and that does not inclued weekends or holidays and that was right after christmas break. my kids were home for a month straight  from dec 23-jan28, so i dont wanna hear about your lousy 3 freakin days lol.

Mom2B... Mom2Boys9501

We've had 12 snows days this year. I have always hated snow but I love my kids being home with me. However I am starting to be concerned about their education.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

Snow day?? Erm I think we had one this year, and it was more because it was -50 than anything else. (Northern Canada)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Today was my kid's first day back to school since Dec 22. This list is for noobs.

Coles... Coles_mom

Call me crazy, but I LOVE my kids being home. If I could home school and attachment parent 24/7, I would.

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