5 Teacher Gift Ideas: Add Meaning to the Simple Things

The following is a post from our sponsor, VolunteerSpot.

Don’t break the bank (or your back) searching for the perfect gift for your child’s teacher! Yes, we would all love the time and skill to craft that Pinterest-inspired, decoupage memory treasure box engraved with our teacher’s name on it, but we all know that just ain’t gonna happen.

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, or really any day, what counts for your teacher is your recognition and the thought behind it. Add meaning to the simple things and you’ll be sure to show your child’s teacher how much you love them:


1. Gift Cards. They don’t have to be impersonal! Add a little thought to it -- is your child’s teacher a new mom? Go for a baby store gift card. Does your teacher like to play music in the classroom while students work? Gift them with iTunes. Does your teacher like to drive far, far away from the classroom on weekends? Hook them up with a gas gift card and a pair of sunglasses!

2. Flowers. A beautiful bouquet brightens any day! Make sure your teacher isn’t allergic before you coordinate a flower delivery of course; but if all roads lead to yes, get creative and schedule a student a day to bring in a flower for the teacher with a special thank-you note from them.

3. Time. No really, the “gift of time” isn’t a “fall-back” teachers turn their noses up at; a 2013 survey actually revealed that teachers would like more parent support in the classroom with learning centers, weekly reading, and tutoring. Offer your teacher (or tell your room parent about) free classroom volunteer scheduling from VolunteerSpot; simple online signups with mobile access and automated reminders save everyone time and get more parents involved.

4. Homemade (or Not). Right, so about that camp craft apple key chain your kid made last summer ... toss it. Teachers say homemade trinkets, pictures, and mugs simply don’t have a place in their already full homes and they often are left feeling guilty for hoarding years’ worth of yard-sale presents they can’t throw away. If you want to go homemade for your teacher gift, go handwritten instead -- a heartfelt note from you and your child will carry way more sentiment and is easier for teachers to keep.

5. Sweet Treats. Your last-minute boxed brownies might seem sweet, but the rock-hard corners and crumb-tastic mess they leave aren't sending “You’re the best” vibes by any means. Dress up your baked goods or handmade treat with a thoughtful card, a decorative paper where you’ve written the recipe, or a “punny” printable gift tag like these on Pinterest.


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