I Let My Son Draw on His Bedroom Walls & I'm Glad I Did (PHOTOS)

wall drawingIt started out small. When my son was maybe two or three years old he got his hands on a marker and doodled on his bedroom wall. His dad is an artist, and we're both a little bohemian, so we let the doodle stay. Soon my son drew another doodle, and another, and another. Over the next several years he covered his walls with drawings. He drew rocket ships and space aliens and things I couldn't identify. 

Just before his 10th birthday these drawings were painted over. Now my son's walls are simply white (with a blue ceiling above). All I have left are the photographs.

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adamat34 adamat34

Your a bad parent. ....PARENT....do you understand? ???

prplecat prplecat

That's a load of crap!  If you own the house, you can let the kids draw on the walls if you damn well please.  SMDH.

jec72579 jec72579

Really adamat34? A Bad parent? For allowing her kid to draw and color on the walls in his room? Judgemental much? 

I think that if you're okay with it, and he knows his limits (where he CAN'T draw), it's fine!!!

amazz... amazzonia

no because they have to respect things, and they should know that a wall can't get cleaned, they can use all the paper they want and then hang it on the wall, you have the same result but in the mean time you teach your child to respect things

Stefani Duke

I think it is AWESOME!!!! it is NOT bad parenting. it is allowing them to be creative, and like another said, if they know that is where they can draw and the rest of the house walls are off limit, what is the harm???NONE!!! go for it....those are things and ideas and individuality you will never get back!!

nonmember avatar Dani

I don't see how it's different from stickers or taping posters & drawings up anyway. My son has covered his bedroom door with stickers-he loves it. If you are okay with it, Why not let your child draw on the walls?

Your home is your safe haven. If you allow your child the privacy of their OWN room, why can't it be theirs? A home does not have to look like it came out of a BH&G magazine or off pinterest.

I like the idea. When they out grow it, its not that hard to throw on a new coat of paint. :)

Rhodin Rhodin

I can't let drawings stay on the walls because we rent.  It wouldn't bother me as much if we didn't have a security deposit to earn back.

the4m... the4mutts

Homes are for free expression, not first impressions.

We are making a chalkboard fence in our back yard, and a white board wall in their study room. They will know where they CAN draw, it will be there for everyone to see, plus, fences and walls are fun to draw on.

No harm, no foul.

Sophi... SophiasChoice

It's funny how everyone complains about how disrespectful kids are these days, yet when I read comments on this website, parents are straight up admiting that they allow their kids to be disrespectful brats. A few days ago I commented on a story about an incredibly rude child who didn't know how to behave in public and was featured on the Ellen show. Everyone seemed to disagree with me and bascially said it was okay for him to be a rude little brat. Again, the comments on this story prove my point. Kids are disrespectful because parents allow their kids to be disrespectful. Would I let my kid draw on the wall? Absolutely not.

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