Parents Let Kids Climb on Million Dollar Sculpture at Museum (PHOTO)

Art lovers and decent parents across the internet joined in outrage after a photo went viral of kids playing on a $10 million piece of art in a museum.

Stephanie Theodore was visiting Tate Modern in London when she snapped a picture of kids climbing on a statue. She tweeted it with the caption, “Holy c**p. Horrible kids, horrible parents.”


Theodore later told the London Evening Standard, "I was shocked. I said to the parents I didn't think their kids should be playing on a $10 million artwork. The woman turned around and told me I didn't know anything about kids and she was sorry if I ever had any."

Whoa. OK, kids will be kids, I get it -- but it’s our job as their parents to teach them freaking manners! Manners that include don’t touch the exhibits at an art museum. How many times have you heard yourself say to your kids, “Look with your eyes, not your hands”? Or “This isn’t a playground”?

How the heck do you think we make productive members of society out of these kids? They need to learn to be respectful of other people and their property if they want people to be respectful to them. These kids need a lesson in respect, ASAP, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’re going to get it from their parents.

Would you let your kids climb on a $10 million statue in an art museum?

Image via Stephanie Theodore/Twitter

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