6 Up-and-at-'Em Mantras to Get Your Kids Moving in the Morning

Jeanne Sager | Jan 24, 2014 Big Kid

girl waking up for school

For years now, the morning routine for my family has been the same. We wake up, we run around like chickens missing their proverbial heads, then we head outside to wait for the bus. As my daughter climbs aboard, I always yell out the same old thing about having a good day and how much I love her.

I guess you could call it tradition, but I have to be honest, I never really thought about what it was she should be hearing as her last words from me before starting the day. Never, that is, until a few weeks ago, when a friend threw out an informal Facebook poll on what it is parents say to their kids to motivate them in the morning before school

Some of the answers were just as lame as my own (hey, I can admit it), but others were so motivational they made ME want to be better at this whole "greeting the day" thing.

Feel like you're stuck in the same old "have a nice day, sweetie" rut? How about some motivational quotes to really get your kids in the mood to kick some butt every day?

I think number 5 is one I'm going to start using. How about you?


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