I Am Not Raising Olympians (VIDEO)

Kids playing soccerThis is a post from our sponsor, Proctor & Gamble

I am not raising Olympians. I’m raising kids who join my town’s recreational soccer league so that they can have fun with their friends. But come Wednesday, February 5th, I will be sitting down with them to watch the one hour primetime NBC special How to Raise an Olympian sponsored by P&G and hosted by Meredith Vieira.


When we watch the Olympics, we see a few minutes of what seems like a magical effort. Athletes ski or jump or run in ways we know we can’t and our idea of the human potential is expanded.  It’s inspirational. But, in some ways, just watching the event is incomplete. Seeing athletes make things look so effortless obscures all the years of work and dedication that went in to get ready for that day. We measure their skills by the fraction of a second by which one competitor edges out another and we forget that behind all their efforts are a team of coaches and doctors and dads … and moms.

I will admit I am a total sap who has been known to cry at a commercial once or twice before.(Search engine commercials, I’m looking at you). But nothing gets to me quite like P&G’s commercials about the moms of Olympic athletes. Because while I may not share their experiences – driving down to the field and rounding up the right cleats hardly counts as super-human effort – I totally know their hearts. Bringing a small human into the world (or into your home) and then being their support as they find their way and their passion … that is both the most difficult and rewarding job in the world.

That’s why I’ll be tuning in to watch on February 5th as NBC tells the stories of Olay-sponsored athlete Lindsey Vonn, the alpine skier and Duracell-sponsored Amy Purdy, the para-snowboarder, and the five other athletes (and their moms!) profiled in How to Raise an Olympian. I’m not raising Olympic athletes, but I’m raising exceptional people with indefatigable spirit and resilience. My kids don’t spend hours on the ice, but they chase their own dreams. Watching these athletes’ emotional stories told through their mothers’ eyes will help me remember that on this magical journey of motherhood we are all raising someone special.

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