Cool Ways to Turn Your Kid's Teeth Into Keepsakes

baby tooth necklaceSome might find this idea a little gruesome, but I kind of love it. Ever wonder what you could do with your little one's baby teeth -- once the "Tooth Fairy" collects them? One jewelry maker is crafting necklace charms out of children's teeth as a keepsake for moms. You send her your child's tooth, and Jackie Kaufman of Rock My World on Etsy will cast it in silver and put it on a chain. Oh -- and she'll send back the original tooth as well. It's a little weird, but sweet, too. She's not the only one turning baby teeth into jewelry, but hers do seem to be the most attractive and tasteful. Maybe you want something a bit more colorful and a bit less literal, though? Check out these charm boxes.

If that's not your style, though, here are a few other ideas for keeping milk teeth.


Keepsake box: A friend of mine gave me a sweet little wooden box just like this one for my son's "milk teeth." You can get fancy tooth boxes or one of these cute swivel-top boxes. There's this catalogued milk tooth box for those type A parents.

Baby tooth book: Let kids take ownership of those teeth with their own Baby Tooth Album. I've seen a few different versions of this idea. These are book with pockets or envelopes for your kids' teeth. Actually, my son's baby book has a little page with an envelope for his first tooth.

Baby tooth bank: Exactly what it sounds like! There's a big tooth in the middle where the tooth fairy puts money, and surrounding the giant tooth is a ring of tiny tooth compartments where kids can place each tooth as they lose them. 

Have you saved your child's baby teeth? What did you do with them?


Image via Jackie Kaufman/Etsy

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