Making Your Kid Eat Dinner at the Table Has 1 Surprising Health Benefit

kids at dinner table

As if the worry over whether or not we're doing things right as far as putting our kids on a path to good health isn't already consuming enough -- now it turns out where we serve them their meals may be screwing up their futures.

According to new research, kids who eat dinner at the table have a lower chance of being overweight -- as opposed to children who chow down in front of the TV or wherever else.

Supposedly eating at the table lends itself to kids understanding when they are full, so they wind up eating less. Oh, and bonus points if you let them fill their plates themselves instead of doing it for them. Chances are you're piling on too much food.


And while this definitely makes sense and is all well and good -- it's not enough to convince me that my son needs to consume meals at the dinner table in order to maintain his weight, health, and everything in between.

I've never been shy about the fact that my son eats in front of the TV or computer most nights of the week. And before you go ranting and raving about what a shitty mom I am and how you feel so sorry for him and all that jazz -- let me just go ahead and put it out there that he's one of the happiest and most well-adjusted kids out there. Oh, and he's not the least bit overweight either. Far from it. Actually, he's such a picky little guy that most nights I'm happy if he eats at all, let alone cleans his plate.

And it's not that I don't want him to eat dinner with us -- it's just that my husband gets home late from work every night, so I need to feed our son earlier. And another thing, neither my husband nor I ate dinner at the table each night with our families growing up. We were always TV tray people, which is probably another reason serving meals in the family room doesn't seem at all foreign or wrong to us.

But back to the weight bit. I'm sorry, but it just seems like a waste of time to be obsessing over where our kids eat and whether or not it will make them a few pounds heavier than they should be. The real issue we should be concerned over is whether or not our kids are active enough in general. If they do nothing but sit inside playing video games all day? Yeah, then you should probably worry about what, when, and where they eat. But if they're in good health and are getting enough exercise -- what's the big deal if they dine in front of the tube?

To each his own, but until I'm convinced it's doing some sort of harm to my kid -- he can eat his dinner wherever he damn well pleases.

Where do your kids have meals?


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